Digital Download Discount For Vita May Explain Sony's Memory Stick Plans

If this is true, it may put a broader context on Sony's plan to sell proprietary memory cards for the PlayStation Vita at jacked-up prices. A rumour reported by the site Thrifty Nerd says the PSN downloadable versions of Vita games will be discounted 40 per cent off their retail counterparts. This information, unconfirmed by Sony, was attributed to a company spokesperson at "a recent Vita event".

The way the maths works out, after about eight downloads of full games, the $US120 32GB card will have paid for itself. It assumes there are eight games a Vita user will want in, say, the first six months of release; it also means a combined spend of more than $US550 (Vita, memory stick, games) on a handheld. That's how it works with "the more you spend, the more you save." You're still spending more.

But there are smaller sticks, too. from 4 to 16 gigabytes, costing between $US30 and $US70. The tradeoff, of course, is you can't trade in digital media. Which again points to why Sony may be laying out incentives to go digital.

I've emailed a Sony rep to ask for confirmation or denial of this rumour. It's the weekend though, so we may not hear anything before Monday.

Vita Games on PSN to be 40% Less than Retail? [Thrifty Gamer]


    But wasn't there a report stating that even though the games now come on game cards some games still might need memory cards for saves and stuff, so you gotta get one even if you buy retail?

    I don't see how it's better anyway:
    "Yeah it's fine for you to rip me off in this department since you're discounting another."

      You wont need a large memory card for game saves. Just get the cheaper 2gb one.

        What 2gb one?? and I really do remember an article stating that some games will make separate saves. Of course I don't know which one so you win on that.

        Not that people shouldn't be upset. It's only 2011 and you're paying $30US for 4gb.

    Any word on the size of Vita games? Curious to know how much space an average title will take on these cards.

    It's going to be interesting to see if there is dicount and/or how much the discount is for the US and EU markets. I doubt it would be any more that 20% at best. What I'm hoping for is some large discounts day one as a promotion. Anything to take the edge off ;)

    I really don't get the outrage, the PSP required a memory stick to save stuff on as well, and while buying a decent capacity card from Sony directly was horribly expensive, it wasn't long before heaps of companies/stores/ebay sellers started selling them, which drove prices down, as I'm certain will happen here.

      At the time of release of PSP pro duo was more of an open standard with third parties making sticks. The PSP also came bundled with a stick (a paltry 32mb) so you could save your games day one.

      The Vita on the other hand has no third parties on board for sticks. As far as I'm aware Sony are keeping the standard to themselves this time around and there is no stick included despite games requiring them. Classy.

    in before Australian prices are same as RRP....
    ie. $79 or whatever vita RRP games will be

    xbox 360 went years with nothing but overpriced proprietary storage.
    Even now - you can only get an extra 16gb with a USB drive.
    There was never this much fuss.

    Even when they locked out a whole lot of unlicensed 3rd party storage solutions that their customers had paid money for..

      I don't know what your talking about. People are still bitching about this. Google it. A lot of people claim they bought a PS3 for no other reason. And rightfully so - its infuriating how expensive those drives are.

    Yeah, and in Australia the prices on the PSN will still be ridiculously high with no real justification. We get screwed with PSN pricing now, why would that change for us with the Vita?

    Hint: it won't!

    if this is really the case this will remove steams excuse that they can't undercut retailers.

      The publishers set the regional price on Steam, not Valve themselves.

        never the less the excuse is always about how they can't undercut local retailers

    PS Vita's actual game cartridges are 4gb, with 10-15% set aside for saved games etc meaning the actual game will top out at around 3.5gb. 8 games is going to pretty much fill up your memory stick.

    This is all a moot point anyway, since if they run the Vita downloads the way they have PSP, we'll be paying retail RRP for them and will only have a tiny selection to choose from. :\

    I'm not fussed by any of this - except for one thing. Australia is, at this point, not getting any 32GB Vita memory cards - at least to begin with. Means any of us Aussies who want a 32GB will inevitably be buying two memory cards - one at launch, and the 32GB as soon as it's made available.

    Card pricing, the requirement for a not included memory card full stop - is it really such an issue? It's the same with almost every other console, give it a rest. Not to mention the pricing and availability of digital games is pure conjecture at this point anyway.

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