DJ Deadmau5 Loses Unreleased PS Vita In Cab Ride

Following a night of DJing the live Video Game Awards on Spike TV, famed DJ Deadmau5 apparently left a yet-to-be-released PS Vita sitting in a L.A. cab.

Joel "Deadmau5" Zimmerman tweeted about the loss shortly before 1 a.m. pacific time.

"FUCK! I left my PSP Vita in a fuckin cab, calling cab company and they say they have like 500 dispatched now. Gunna be a long night... :("

In a stream of follow-up Tweets, the DJ says that the Vita was the only demo unit "outside Sony's walls."

Zimmerman said he was playing with the Sony portable during the cab ride back to the hotel. He said a friend used it, then put it down beside him when he was done. The DJ said he saw it on the seat but forgot to grab it. When they arrived at the hotel, Zimmerman paid cash and stepped out, leaving the unit behind.

Following the loss, Zimmerman and his agent spent three hours working with the cab company to try and locate the demo unit, with no luck.

[Thanks for the tip Nicholas]



    This is surely going to end well...

    What a dumbass.

    i think Deadmau5 would be more pissed that you're referring to him as a DJ.... which he isnt.


        HE actually is, learn your general knowledge. DeadMau is a DJ.

          hes actually a music producer.

          its deadmau5 not deadmau, and yeah he is more of a producer now that he has become more well known

    Just like the iPhone that get always get 'lost' just before release date.

      It's happened once to my knowledge.

        It happened most famously with the iPhone 4 that Gizmodo got a hold of, and again with the iPhone 4S. (which people were calling the iPhone 5 at the time)
        Forgive me for being cynical and calling publicity.


    You would imagine that he will be blacklisted from any Sony event in the future.

    He posted on facebook that he was trolling management, and that he didn't lose it.

    he didn't lose it. publicity stunt, it even says so on his facebook with a picture of the vita in a lined case.

    And you just got trolled by Deadmau5.

    "only demo unit “outside Sony’s walls.” - I'm holding one right now, albeit at work...

    As far as I'm concerned, I'm outside Sony's walls.

      smells like bullshit to me.

        Company is working on making a Vita game, which would require us to have one for testing wouldn't it.

        Unless of course their definition of "demo unit" means a non-testing kit.

    It was joke he still has the PS Vita check his Facebook page

    Jeez you guys, he didn't lose it. IT WAS A JOKE.

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