DmC Looks Different, But Appears To Play Just Like A Devil May Cry

DmC Looks Different, But Appears To Play Just Like A Devil May Cry

The new Devil May Cry is being made halfway around the world from the studio that birthed all the others. You may have played one of the Japanese-developed DMCs. In this exclusive IGN video, watch how the new one, coming out next year from English Heavenly Sword development studio Ninja Theory plays.

It sure looks like it plays like a Devil May Cry.


  • DMC2 and 4 were absolutely awful and I didn’t play 3. I’m ok with things looking howver they want them to look, as long as it isn’t crap to play.

    Hell, instead of it playing like DMC1, could it play like Bayonetta please? I’ll buy five!

    • DMC 3 was one of the best in the series!!
      It is great!! Really hard and challenging but very rewarding after you get the hang of it.

      This looks like DMC with a new skin. Also is it just me or does Dante look very different from the original rebooted skin they announced?

  • It’s like Nero and Dante fused together (Fuuuuu…Sssssioooonnnn… Haaaaaaa). I must admit though, Nero’s ability to grab and pull enemies as well as do counters was a lot of fun. This still feels like what DMC 2 was to the series though, something that plays like DMC but feels hollow and empty.

  • I would prefer dante with his white hair and coat, but I don’t think Ninja theory cares, they’re making their own Dante. =/ The game looks like it plays alright, but Dante has never needed a guide before. He usually does things on his own.
    I’m still really confused as to where it fits in. I will wait until I see more before I decide.

  • Eh. I have to admit, as someone who basically threw up when this was first shown, the combat is looking… Okay. There’s not nearly enough impact behind the hits to give it that really satisfying feeling, but that can be fixed, it’s only alpha.

    That being said, I wouldn’t say I’m positive about it. There were only two weapons shown (unless the red scythe and blue scythe are different weapons which would be infuriating) and the scythe.. Looks… Underwhelming. I didn’t see anything unique about it. In fact the only moves that stood out are the staples like Prop Shredder, Drive and Helm Splitter. That could be player quality though.

    What sucks is, we won’t know if it really holds up to DMC3, and to a lesser extent 4, until AFTER release when Brea and the rest of the TST gang get their hands on it. Guh.

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