Do You Object To Any Of These Phoenix Wright Actors?

Next February, Japanese movie theatres are going to lawyer up when the Phoenix Wright movie puts its legal smackdown on celluloid.

Directed by the famed Takashi Miike, it could be great.

Last October, Kotaku posted the first image of actor Hiroki Narimiya as Phoenix Wright. Today, here are photos of the entire cast of actors in character. Thoughts?

Phoenix Wright was first released as a Game Boy Advance game in 2001 and has gone on to span many successful sequels and spin-offs.

「逆転裁判」全キャラクター一挙紹介 [映画.com]


    Hope the last guy isn't meant to be dick gumshoe

    I love it. I think it's nice how they've gone through the effort to get the actors to look exactly like their in-game counterparts. Gumshoe looks a little off, though.

    Dick is looks kinda dashing, he's meant to be a bit less cool, a bit older with a dumb expression. Maya/Mayoi I think should look younger than in that picture, She is still a bit childish even though shes 17-19 in the games. Maybe they look more their part in action.

    But whatever, good luck casting outlandish anime characters.

    Dick is meant to look like a man.

    I only object to Dick Gumshoe. He needs to look manlier. Miles Edgeworth looks a little young also

    I think they need a different Cockatoo. That one is a little off for me.

    Why does Kimutaku have to be in everything?

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