Dust 514's Weapons Are So Lethal You Could Die Firing Them

There are so many things I love about Eve Online, but almost all of it can be traced back to the game's mystique. I guess that's what I love most about Eve Online; I haven't played it.

I anxiously anticipate Dust 514, the Playstation 3 shooter coming from the Eve developers, in the same way. I haven't even tried that game yet, but man, the mythology of the world is so impressive.

Take, for instance, the fact that the infantry weapons of the game are so powerful that you need to wear dropsuit armour not just to survive a hit, but to survive shooting them.

The goal was to create weapons that had recognisable roles but used more advanced technologies than the equivalent weapons of today," writes Phil Wang, community manager for the upcoming massively multiplayer first-person shooter. "The power of these guns would tear apart a modern day battlefield. In DUST 514 the only way your mercenary can survive the power of these weapons is due to the advanced shielding and armour of the dropsuits they wear. Without them, simply firing these weapons would severely injure or even kill you!"

That's right, these are weapons that can kill with recoil.

As with Eve Online, everything about Dust 514 is steeped in back story, intricate back story. Hop on over to the Playstation Blog if you want to learn all about the Gallente G75-VLB Assault Rifle, a weapon conceived at Duvolle Laboratories that solved "many of the problems inherent in mass-manufactured plasma weapons."

The write-up also includes details on the game's heavy weapons and side arms.

Infantry Weapons in DUST 514 [Playstation Blog]


    Weapons that can kill with recoil but cannot dislodge a pebble off the battle field.

    I tried playing Eve over a peridof of about 12 months. I have to say, it was definitely more interesting before I played it.

      I thought this after my first 6 month run at it...

      I picked it up again 2+ years ago tho with a proper set of goals in mind and still have my 2 accounts active to this day, and will prob keep them running for the foreseeable future, even during 'breaks' from it (like now, BF3 is taking up all my free time) to keep the skills atrainin'...

      It's definitely a game that requires the player to decide what they want to achieve out of it tho. For instance, when I came back to it, I wanted to become proficient in POS management, PI production, Wormhole occupation (which turned out to be my golden goose ISK wise) and move more heavily into the PVP side of the game, which is where I'm at currently. Cap ship piloting and 0.0 warfare are next on the to-do list.

      If you're after a hand-holding MMO that tells you what you want to do, look elsewhere ;)

    Eve is the only game I know where huge scams are not just possible they're applauded. Though I've not been game enough to try it myself yet.

      Infiltrating corporations and stealing all their stuff is probably the most enjoyable thing to do in Eve if you have no quams about being a total douchebag to other people :P

        So its the most enjoyable thing to do for 75% of the fps crowd? :D

        Note: that's a joke, don't get all uppity about it

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