Early Access For The Old Republic Starts Earlier

Early Access For The Old Republic Starts Earlier

Those who preordered Star Wars: The Old Republic get early access to the game. That early access will begin on Tuesday, two days earlier than first announced.

Anyone who has redeemed a preorder code for early access can pre-load the game now, says BioWare. It will begin unlocking on Dec. 13 at 6 a.m. CST, which is a week before its retail release.

Not everyone’s going to get to jump in at exactly that moment. The game’s official blog explained that early access will be granted on a rolling basis, in the order in which the preorder codes were redeemed. You’ll know when your number is called when you get an email invitation.

EA added that some pre-orders are still available through Origin and at major retailers.

The Old Republic blog also reminded players that they’ll have to redeem their official product registration code after the official Dec. 20 launch.

Pre-load STAR WARS: The Old Republic Now [The Old Republic]


  • But unless you live in Europe you’ll be waiting 2 days to 2 weeks for your physical box to arrive in order to enter the product code after actual launch day (20th). Fail.

  • I would be overjoyed if it was not that they have now removed the ‘grace period’ they announced to allow users to continue playing until they activated their keys. So now i can play for about 7 days in early access and then get kicked off the servers from the 20th of december at launch till whenever Australia post gets it to me – most likely very end of december/early janurary.

    • Yeah, pretty much this for me too. I’m getting it couriered but good luck getting a timely delivery right on Christmas. Given the preorder thing and the early play and whatnot it’s a soft launch anyway, Bioware/EA should really be sending copies out to big retail eg Amazon etc a few days early and letting them ship preorders ahead of time. But that would make too much sense. They’ve got to punish everyone who didn’t / couldn’t buy it via Origin.

      • So they’re supposed to renegotiate their duplication, packaging and transport contracts so they can arrange advance delivery to retailers just so people in territories that they have said in advance are not supported can play without a major delay due to christmas postage?

        A trifle unrealistic isn’t it? Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be annoyed when I have to stop and wait for my cd key too but there’s only so much that can be realistically expected

      • It’s been confirmed that Amazon has already received their stock as well as many other retail chains in the US and Europe. They are simply sitting on them till release. What i don’t understand is why as you said they don’t ship them say on the 15th – the now European release date for anyone who has pre-ordered because they are already in the early access and are already playing the game anyway.

        Apparently CM for SWTOR are already talking to distributers about this but i won’t hold my breath

  • are they are seriously going to kick people who pre-ordered off the servers until they can enter a another friggin code from the physical copy? as convienent as that sounds i think i’ll pass.

  • It’s shit like this that has made my decision to pass on this game really easy.
    The only way for then to win me back would be if they are releasing real aussie servers, hosted locally. I doubt that will ever happen.

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