Early Access Old Republic Gamers Get Two Days 'Grace Period'

For the record, there will be a "grace period," in which those currently playing Star Wars: The Old Republic may still continue their character's progress on the full title they've purchased, when that arrives. Previously, BioWare had suggested there would be no such "grace period."

This is important because some are depending upon the shipment of physical goods, and with no grace period, if the boxed game didn't arrive on launch day, then anything these players had accomplished or earned in that first week of early access would be lost, and they'd have to start over.

BioWare's Greg Zeschuk and Ray Muzyka, the development firm's co-founders, spelled out the grace period policy in this thread on the game's official forums.

They also clarified that the clock on the 30 days of game time, included with the game, starts when you redeem it, or if you happen to redeem the code before its midnight launch on Dec. 20, it will starts at 12:01 am EDT, Dec. 20.

Zeschuk and Muzyka acknowledged that the uncertainty over grace periods and game time "has been an issue for some of you," and apologized for the concerns they raised.

Giving a Grace Period for Star Wars: The Old Republic [swtor.com]


    Their progress would be lost? Surely the account would just suspend, it seems a bit rediculous the early access would delete everything... if that were the case I'd be pissed and probably stop playing righ there, I've already sunk about 15 hours into a Jedi Knight, and I wouldn't start a third time (after the Beta).

    Good thing I ordered from Origin.

    My copy from amazon cleared australian customs at 6am so I might actually get the game within the grace period, not that losing a day or 2 would kill me.

    I can quit any time I want

    I just don't want to.

    ahh no, they already said that they were NOT going to wipe characters.. That would just piss of a lot of people...

    Now if only they would do something about the queues, almost every server las tnight had a queue of 30 minutes with one over 2 and 1/2 hours estimated wait.

      The 'unofficial' oceanic server had a queue yesterday of around 4 hours. Might have to remote log in from work at 3pm today, just to be able to play tonight :P

      And they don't even periodically remind us that our call is important to them...

    I just want to know when the stupid thing is going to be released in Australia.

      Seriously dude, just import... there will be no Oceania hosted servers, Oceania servers will still be in the US, they'll just be run on Oceania peak/off-peak times.

      Don't forget as well, importing will be cheaper as well, once the game is released EA will apply the AVGT (Australia Video Game Tax)... hopefully just for the price of the game as well and not subscription fees.

        Even better idea, skip the damn game.

        Already seeing horror stories about their CS, and that's for people they can be bothered servicing in the first place - just imagine how bad it'll be for us dirty, unwelcome Red-Zoners.

    Glad they gave us the 2 days grace. All the bad press they got must of helped as well. Lucky us. On a side note my Collectors Edition just arrived. Very nice :)

    Yeah i just checked the connote on my shipping my order is in Sydney ... fingers crossed i get it in the next day or so (its a CE copy too)

    My copy from Amazon is on hold in Melbourne, scheduled for delivery tomorrow.

    How long did the Amazon orders take to go through? Mine has an estimated delivery date of 4th January and had been dispatched. Any chance it will get here sooner?

    Not going to play another cartoony mmo..

    My copy from zavvi is on its way; I'm away for christmas so it should arrive just in time for when I get back in the new year. Can't wait, loved the beta- the storytelling totally sold me.

    The game looks awesome from what I've seen and I really want to play it but from what I've heard on most forums is a 30min-3hr queue and a bit laggy.
    These problems are only going to get worse when 20th Dec comes, everyone who gets it as a xmas gift logs on and then we have all the people worldwide who are in a region like Australia lacking support recieve their copy via amazon or whatever
    I want to play the game but 1hr+ queues are just a joke. I'm waiting until the start of January to order.

      From what I hear, the servers are running at 30% capacity (and you notice it too, there seem to be less ppl running around on there, then it was in closed beta). They are not going to fully open up the capacity until the 20th or just after.
      They are doing it to space out leveling, less loading in some area's, anyone who played WoW on opening day knows how insane it was to kill quest mobs with insane server loading, and server crashing lol.

    Mine was last tagged leaving the US on the 17th. Here's hoping it arrives before the end of the week or it will be a long weekend...

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