Enjoy This Charming Bilingual Skyrim Song

There are plenty of musical takes on Skyrim's many beautiful songs, but this is my favourite of the week, sung by the talented and bilingual, Malukah from Monterrey, Mexico.

It's a touch on the echoey side, but I'm still loving it and I bet you will too. If you do, you can even mod it directly into your copy of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with this. Malukah also makes the chords available here and a free download here.


    Where were these video dedications when the finer installments of the Elder Scrolls series was released? i.e morrowind

    She is too happy. Delete this article please.


    Damn I didn't like it at the start, but by the end I loved it : )

      I REALLY hope that people don't just watch the first 10 seconds and close it. Stick around to the end, it's amazing!


    This is funny :D Karl Pilkington

    "Winning" is all I say..........

    Leaves' Eyes need to turn this into a full epic.

    You can dl a mod to replace the ingame bards (bardettes?) with this lady's voice.

    God i love her, when you say she lives in mexico, do you mean Mexico Victoria or Mexico across the lake?; in which case damn.

      It clearly says Monterrey.

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