Epic Games Reveals Cartoony New IP Fortnite

They teased it earlier this week and tonight on the VGAs, the makers of Gears of War 3 revealed their newest game. Called Fortnite, it appears to expand on the fortification/tower defence mechanics introduced in Gears of War 3 with an all-new art style that leaves the gritty, steroidal look of previous Epic Games behind. We'll have more on Fortnite when we learn it.


    It seems like a more fleshed out, story driven, urban version of minecraft with the whole salvaging thing as well as the get inside before the monsters come out at dark. looking forward to this.

    Hm, will need to see more before I decide. I hate tower defence and it hates me, but I like Gears 3

    Looks like Brink made love with Minecraft...

    last stand gaming > moba and all the other new shit, bring it on!

    Looks like Dead Block, with maybe more construction options.

    this has HATS!

    So, it's a GoW3 mechanic with essentially a pseudo-TF2 look?

    Looks like a cool idea, and looks nothing like TF2.

    People seem to think that if it looks cartoony, it looks like TF2. Completely different style.

    Hence pseudo-TF2.

    It's a concept that using a more stylised aesthetic may give it the wild popularity of TF2.

    This looks like a straight ripoff of Die2Nite.

    Sigh. I was really hoping Epic would get back into the Unreal style of fast, competitive FPS' with creative and unique weapons after they were done with Gears. No such luck I suppose.

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