Escape Plan Is The PS Vita Game I Want Most

Escape Plan Is The PS Vita Game I Want Most

Sorry, Uncharted: Golden Abyss and WipEout 2048 and all the rest of you PlayStation Vita launch games. You’re not my favourite. You’re not the game I most want a PS Vita for.

This game is.

It’s Escape Plan, a black and white touch-controlled side-scroller about which other people at Kotaku have already been buzzing. I was behind the curve, OK? I needed to see it and play it in person, but just for a few minutes, to be smitten. It comes from development studio Fun Bits, a small Seattle team that formed from the crew that made Fat Princess. Company CEO Chris Millar talks me through a few levels in the video up top.

There’s one neat thing that I experienced that isn’t in the video. In a level where I was controlling Lil, I was able to make him drink coffee. Once I did, if I pinched him — by touching the front and back of the Vita with my thumb and pointer finger — that made him run fast. The game seems to be full of these clever touches (pun intended, for once).

Yeah, this one is a winner.

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