Even Birds Can Get The Super Mario Theme Stuck In Their Heads

Koji Kondo created an earworm of epic proportions when he wrote the theme music for Super Mario Brothers more than 20 years ago. The tune's become one of the most recognisable pop culture jingles of the last 40 years, to the point where tropical birds feel the need to sing it out loud. The feathered soloist could use a little practice but this rendition should still conjure up images of mystery blocks and warp pipes in listeners' heads.

(Thanks, tipster Jonathan.)

Une perruche chante Super Mario Bros [YouTube]


    Impressive. My cockatiel can manage the imperial march from star wars. Anything longer then that and he starts the get a little frazzled and start repeating notes.

      I work at a vet hospital where we treat birds mostly and sadly it seems the majority of weiro's can sing the Imperial March. This however is good.

    Mum tried to teach ours to sing Happy Birthday. He can kind of do the "happy birthday to you" part, but that's about it. It's just that over and over again with slight variations :P Total jazz parrot.

    Lol. When I was a kid we had a pink and grey. Damn thing used to bark like our dogs, sing tv jingles, even used to do a fair impression of a jet flying overhead. lol. Gotta lurve our feathered friends.

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