Everything You Need To Know About Final Fantasy XII-2 In About Four Minutes

After spending months handing out information on the follow-up to Final Fantasy XIII one snippet at a time, Square Enix brings the accumulated sum of Final Fantasy XIII-2 knowledge together in one handy-dandy four-minute-and-change primer video.

We've got the story, the characters, the battle system in all its newfound complexity, and anything else that might matter, all at once; all for you. Any pressing questions about Final Fantasy XIII-2 should be directed to watch the damn video again dot com.


    "Everything you need to know about Final Fantasy XII-2 in about 4 minutes".

    Disapointing typo. Here I was thinking FF XII was getting a sequel! For shame Kotaku US, for shame...

      I know! I got so excited for about 0.5 seconds

    Free stragedy guide for FF XIII or XIII-2 here

    Xbox: A A A A A A A A A A A A A

    PS3: X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X

    Thats the strategy in FF 13

      hurrrrr not enough corridors and quick scoping for babby

      hurrrrr not enough corridors and quick scoping for babby.

      Isn't that the strategy guide for Kingdom Hearts 2?

    Well it certainly looks like they've addressed a lot of the criticisms of XIII, I'll definitely be checking it out... at least, once my "Pile O' Shame" has been reduced...

    She still looks like a bloke, and does anyone know if the guy who produced the first sh1tball ended up reaching his goal of making a dating sim? Jap rpgs havne't changed in 30 years and they wonder why nobody likes them... I wonder what happens when pokemon run out of colours

    It really does look like FFXIII done right, seriously looking forward to this one.

    You missed I.

    Wait, you can't retry some battles? Why would they remove that feature?

      The video states that depending on where the Mog Clock is when you engage an enemy in combat, the option to retry a battle may be removed. I assume this is something that happens if you let the clock hand go all the way into the Red.

    I want to know what happened to FF XIII Versus.

      These days I call it vaporware. Something tells me SQUENIX are no where near finishing it. It was announced in what, 2005 or 6? Too much stuffing around.

    Ridiculous background guitar the whole time

    Lookin more like what 13 should have been. Im standing back though since they burned me so bad last time.

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