Evidence For Diablo 3 On Consoles Continues To Accumulate

Members of the development team at Blizzard have already discussed the possibility of a console version of Diablo III, but it's yet to be fully confirmed. That said, a new job ad found on Gamasutra seems to add fuel to rumours that Blizzard is already working on a console version of the game.

According to the ad, Blizzard is looking for a 'Senior Software Engineer' to be a "key contributor on the Diablo team" and help implement "sophisticated networking systems on consoles". The successful applicant will be able to "[d]esign, implement, and maintain networking related game systems for the console game" and "[i]dentify previously unknown issues and offer solutions".

We obviously won't know for sure until Blizzard officially announces it, but considering the fact Blizzard has been toying with the idea of console development, and considering the team has already mentioned Diablo III being a possibility on consoles, a console port of some kind is looking increasingly likely.


    Because my PC is around 3 years old, Diablo 3 on console is about the only chance I have of playing it. So, while this is one game I would rather play on PC, I would rather play it than not play it - so console it has to be (same reason I'm waiting for The Witcher 2 on xbox 360).

      unless you bought a bottom of the barrel PC end of 2009, Diablo 3 will still be completely playable.

      It's playable on a macbook air ffs.

        Really? I assumed the system requirements were going to be much higher than that - similar to what's needed for Starcraft 2. Though come to think of it, I have no idea if I can run Starcraft 2 or not either.

          If you have at least a dual core and you maybe buy a new graghics card for say at least $100 you should be fine.

            I have a dual core and funnily enough bought a replacement graphics card for $120 about 6 months ago.

            It's just annoying how few new games run well even if a tone down the settings a fair amount - granted I'm thinking of examples like Brink which was poorly optimised for PC and Alpha Protocol which was just buggy as hell anyway.

              I can run SC2 on my 5 years old laptop (lowest setting though). Brink and Rage on the other hand, cannot run normally on a brand new PC :(

          My middle-of-the-range-for-2008 PC can easily run starcraft 2 on the highest settings at 1920x1200. It's not a very damanding game.

      3 Years old? Should be far far more powerful than current consoles then.

      Also Blizzard would be keeping PC as their main platform so you can be sure it'd actually be written to run on PC not just ported to it later.


    Diablo 3 on consoles... LMAO!!! Console kiddies can enjoy their Call of Generic Military Warfare 2.5.

      I hope that if this does come out on console, it sells so well that all your beloved pc games follow suit.

      Fanboys are terrible gamers.

    I gather it is being designed for PC and ported over to consoles, not the other way around? That should keep the PC master race happy.

    Unless of course they simply loathe the idea of a PC game being on any other platform. In that case, they'll screech about it until all of our ears bleed.

      Yes its designed for PC and (may be) ported over for you lowly console owners (jokes). The beta has been going on PC for quite sometime now.

        Lol. I plan to get this for PC, I can't really imagine playing it any other way. I just don't look forward to the hysterical cries of PC gamers about this being ported.

          Well, sometimes designing a game for multiple platforms can harm the experience; remember all the loading screens for Portal 2? Thank the PS3 for that.

            Is it the PS3s fault or the lazy devs who didn't optimize?

      I only whine when games developed for PC are damaged or reduced as a result of console development.
      I have faith in Blizzard, however. They have never taken a wrong step with game development in my mind and respect the community.

      The original Diablo was released on Playstation.

      A lot of people have complained that the Diablo 3 has removed Potions in favour of health/mana orbs that are picked up and used instantly, but I reckon regardless of platform this is a good move... where's the fun if you're just spamming pots for the boss.

      Torchlight plays really well on 360 from what I've been told, so Diablo 3 should be quite good on consoles as well.

      I just hope Activision isn't forcing the game to be delayed so the console edition can be finished and launched at the same time.

    Unless Big Blue pulls a bait and switch, and gives us a true glimpse of Hell with Diablo Kinect, it's safe to assume its D3.

    I wonder how/if they'd implement the RMT auction house on the 360/PS3? I doubt Sony or MS would be fond of the idea, especially if it means they can't get a cut. Also doubly-doubt that Blizz would be happy giving up a chunk of the cash either to allow it...

      They're ActiBlizz, if they say to Sony "This game will be shipping with these features on PC and 360, if you don't want DIABLO FUCKING 3 on PS3 so be it" then Sony will surely find a way to make it ok.
      Same for Microsoft obviously.

    I don't know how to say this without sounding like a PC elitist, but as long as it isn't 'developed for PC' like Battlefield 3 was, then I'm fine with it.

    They're advertising it now? Man how far away is this game? lol

    Eh, fine with me. At least it won't have an always-on internet requirement then.

    Best news ever, now I get to enjoy Diablo 3 on my couch on my hi def 55 inch kick arse TV!!!
    Win win!!

      Bigtones, wait, you mean you can't already with your pc? Lol

      I think if a port is done, it would be quite cut down. Aside from hardware limitations, I doubt they could implement rmah etc on xb live or psn etc.
      Personally I think some games should just stay on pc, and likewise some should stay on console. Ports rarely do the originals justice IMHO

        Controllers are far more comfortable for couch playing than a keyboard and mouse.

        The genre itself lends itself to that kind of control scheme (hardest part would be sorting out picking up items, but a pop-up menu is a small price to pay), the rest of the time you have more than enough buttons for everything.

        I'll probably get this game on PC because I have a nice new box I want to try out with everything, but if it weren't for that I'd seriously consider a 360 version.

    I kind of got the idea that Diablo III may be coming to console when the lead developer said in an interview with Game Informer months ago that they had hired people to work on a console version.

    So..... how exactly will a point-and-click fest work with a controller? Yeah keep dreaming consoletards.

    i hate it when pc gamers act like the third Reich only want to rule the world and have a super race pc gamers are racist toward console owners when a pc owner calls a console owner a name it is a form of racial hate well you pc owners can get lost we did not start this flame war you did

      Really? Racism? LOL. It's preference not racism, idiot. And I have 360, ps3, and a pc. Guess what? I like pc more. Really? Racial discrimination? Is that a joke? Please.

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