Fallout: New Vegas Developer Releases A Personal Mod

Sometimes games aren't to your exact liking. If you have computer skills, maybe you can create a mod. If you have computer skills and developed the game, well, you can do that, too.

J.E. Sawyer, who worked as project director on Fallout: New Vegas and the game's DLC, created a mod for his own playthroughs. As Shacknews (via website No Mutants Allowed) pointed out, the mod increases the number of weapons and armour and cuts the level cap, XP gain, health, and healing.

The mod is available via Sawyer. You will need all Fallout: New Vegas DLC installed as well as the pre-order bonus packs and Fallout Mod Manager.

So why did Sawyer release a mod instead of a patch? "The game's over," he wrote. "The ship has sailed. No one is working on it anymore. No testers, nothing. This mod is just me working in my free time. If I horribly botch something, you can just un-check the mod and go on your way." Sounds good to me.

Fallout: New Vegas was originally released in Oct. 2010.

J.E. Sawyer releases his own Fallout: New Vegas mod [No Mutants Allowed via Shacknews]


    Now, how 'bout finishing KotOR2 next!? :D

    That's a cool thing to do, though. Class act.

      ^ this

      Ive been waiting so long for a version of that game that actually works

    That is really cool.

    Not sure if I'll install it yet but it sounds great.

    Still hanging out for the New Vegas GOTY package before I dive into this one.

    I think its rather cool, though not my type of mod as its an ultra hardcore mod, i just hope that when fallout 4 gets made its co op between Obsidan and Bethseda because bethseda make great worlds but their story telling is terrible where obsidan make great characters and stories, but their game world are rather linear ( fucking invisiable walls)

    All the pre-order bonus packs required? Is there a good reason for that, or is he just after his tiny cut of each sale?

      Or... Maybe... He might have the version with all of the extras? Because he helped develop the game? Just maybe?

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