Farmer Grows Pikachu Fruit

It was about three months ago that sixty-three year-old Toshinobu Takamoto noticed two bumps attached to a Japanese persimmon growing in his yard.

After harvesting the fruit, it became the talk of his Fukui City neighbourhood, and it was dubbed "Pikachu" for the way it resembled the famed Pocket Monster. Black eyes were drawn on the fruit to drive home the Pikachu look.

Takamoto was more than happy to take the Pika-persimmon around town. Now, according to the Chunichi Newspaper, the fruit is, ahem, "missing". Gotta eat 'em all!

ピカチュウそっくり!? 高本さんの柿が話題に [中日新聞]


    I see nothing but a 'kotaku' logo image, and if I click on the asian link, that thing looks NOTHING like a Pikachu... more like, a peice of fruit or something.
    Article fail.

    no picture??

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