Farmville's Maker Looks To Harvest A Cool Billion From The Stock Market

As rumoured two days ago, it is now confirmed that Zynga will hold an initial public offering of its stock on the NASDAQ tomorrow.

The dominant maker of Facebook video games such as FarmVille and Mafia Wars has priced 100 million shares at $US10 each. MarketWatch reported the development this afternoon, citing documents filed with the government.

The company will be traded on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol ZNGA.

Word spread of an IPO earlier this week when sources said Zynga employees were taken into meetings to discuss how the offering will affect them and what it means for the company's future. Zynga gave no comment to Kotaku when questioned about these developments.

Zynga Prices IPO at $US10 to Raise $US1 Billion [MarketWatch]


    This will be interesting to watch, to see if the market actually believes $10 to be fair or not.

    My feeling is that in the short term $10 is a bargain and money is to be made, however long term it simply isn't.

    But hey, investors are bailing out of gold at record levels, this could be the most unreal timing imaginable!.

      You're making the assumption that the participants of markets are rational.

      Which is the exact opposite of how markets work.

      Likely it'll either explode or sink, my guess is on Thermo-nuclear detonation.

        this thing will explode for a few months due to the success of its previous ventures and analyists will give buy recs because of "potential for growth within social gaming and strong reputation" as well as ability for future to be good etc. it will then settle either it will release another game and continue to rise or fair to deliver and disapear.

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