Final Fantasy XIII's Lightning Strikes Skyrim

It's East meets West. A Japanese gamer has inserted Final Fantasy XIII heroine Lightning into The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim with a character mod. Here are the results. What do you think?

The stockings and starch white outfit look out of place, but Lightning sure can pull off a simple tunic.

Japanese role-playing game Final Fantasy XIII was released in 2009 in Japan. Skyrim came out in Nov. Read Kotaku's reviews of Skyrim and FFXIII.

『スカイリム(skyrim)』でFF13のライトニングのキャラMODを動かしてみたスクリーンショットが美しい [がめログ]


    I approve.

    looks like she wants to take a poop

    I want that blazefire sabre...

    Enough Skyrim already!

      its a cultural phenomenon, you you either have to put up with it or take an arrow to the knee. The choice is yours?

    Nice to see Lightning in a half way decent game for once.

    I found this article Ironic after reading

    How's the animation of the character's face?

    Is there any way to get this mod?

    Categories: Playstation, Xbox.

    Why no PC tag, since this cannot happen on either of those.

    Nobody ever mentions how $hit the dragon flying animations are... gg

    Can I get a mod for her to be my ingame wife?

    So begins the shitty weeaboo mods.

      +1 but this isnt that bad, its just as much a western game character now, the FF series is fking retarded since 10

    So why is she wearing fishnet stockings and suspenders?

      That's standard female armor as per the link Darvoz mentioned above. ; )

    Get your weaboo out of my skyrim. FF is everything that is wrong with RPG's and Skyrim is everything that is right.

    I always thought that the slightly anime style of JRPG's really didn't gel with the TES look, and this confirms it for me. While the quality of the model is quite high, it just looks wierdly out of place. TES games (moreso Oblivion and now Skyrim) generally have an air of realism to them that most JRPG's don't aim for at all. Hence, the fishnet stockings looking kinda redundant.

    This just reminds me of the numerous godawful mods adding anime characters to Oblivion. I wish anime would just sit still in its own corner, but noooo it has to spread out and infect everything else.

    Wow, from one awesome, linear game with no choices to another. I'm a happy little boy.

    wow where can i get that mod

    I'm gonna get skyrim just so I can try out this mod :P

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