Final Fantasy XIV's Subscription Period Gets A Start Date, Cheaper Rates

Beleaguered Final Fantasy XIV is being reborn as Final Fantasy XIV: Version 2.0. Part of that rebirth means that the PC game's free-to-play period is coming to a close. The billing period commences next month.

Staring January 6, Final Fantasy XIV's subscription will begin.

According to Square Enix, those who have not selected a subscription plan by January 5, 2012, will have their account temporarily suspended.

"If you wish to continue to play FINAL FANTASY XIV beyond January 6th, 2012," Square Enix wrote on the game's official site, "you will have the opportunity to set up a subscription plan starting from December 16th, 2011 via the Square Enix Account Management System."

Square Enix is offering subscription for its valued customers. The nitty-gritty can be viewed here.

Version 2.0 promises players a new FFXIV experience, such as a new graphics engine as well as new user interface.

An Important Announcement Concerning FINAL FANTASY XIV Billing [The Lodestone]


    Wait, so you have to pay extra to have ONE character slot?

    To be fair, one character can do literally everything, so you really only need the one - Total fees per month would still be ~$13 which is still cheapish/normal for MMOs

    But yeh, still a shitty system, they've probably lost the international market with ToR and other titles releasing soon

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