First Trailer For The Hobbit Is Out

The debut trailer for Peter Jackson's adaptation of The Hobbit, due next year, is now up on Apple's site in glorious HD-O-Vision. [Apple]


    AW YEAH, Looks exactly like LOTR and that is a good thing

      I haven't watched this yet, but The Hobbit is not just more LotR. The tone was completely different. I hope they get this right. They got LotR right, so I'm guessing they will :)

        agreed the hobbit looks brighter an more colorful then LOTR's and its doom and gloom look

          Not to mention that the sense of scale is completely different. LotR is the whole of middle-earth and all races. Hobbit is tiny in comparison.

      WTF? As a standalone, nothing to do with LOTR franchise, it would have been awesome.

      As a film version of LOTR - it fucking sucked. So much was left out, missed, downplayed and ignored. P Jackson was full of shit when he said he was a fan.

        I've read those books... in all honesty everything that was cut, needed to be.

        Tolkien could have used a bloody good editor.
        There was so much needless detail in those books.

    Not really a fan of the series, but it's good to see this project finally come to life.

    will check it on youtube, will feel dirty if i touch apples site.

      You are so cool, I really respect you.
      Flash or HTML5 (if you join the HTML5 trial at for those who don't want to install Quicktime.

    TAKE MY MONEY. TAKE IT NOW. *throws wallet at screen*

      +1 my sentiments exactly. I actually nearly emailed my local cinema to ask about a midnight

    Why do people hate apple trailers so much? Just curious.

    I love how colourful it is, Christopher Nolan eat your heart out.

      Because after clicking through the link; I was met with a message that informed me that I had to install Quicktime in order to view the trailer. Whilst I can understand needing a plugin to view a video online (though really... an HTML5 compliant solution would be lovely); and I'm no fan of flash... I don't want to install an *application* from Apple to view a single video. Especially given Apple's apparent hate of plugins (flash).

    Would love to have seen Guillermo Del Toro's take on this, but it wasn't to be. And if he couldn't do it then I'm glad they talked Jackson into stepping in and doing it himself.

      He stepped down ffrom directing but was still on as a writer/co-writer to the screenplay. At one stage in an interview he said that he had designed a concept of the dragon, in which the creature itself looked like a giant weapon (I think he said axe) which I thought would be a really interesting idea.
      It would be really cool if they stuck with his design. He is the best for monsters.

    Seriously, why all the apple trailers hate? I noticed it on some TDKR release pages too ):

    Anyone had any success downloading the trailer? I keep naively trying and it keeps redirecting me to
    Frustrating website. -- a thing of beauty.

        I wouldn't say beauty, but it did the job, thanks! :)


    Where is the dragon? Or Lydia for that matter. Oh wait..

    This is very pleasing to see. But having to wait a whole year....awwwwwwwww!

      Yeah releasing a trailer a whole year before the movie is due out is kinda lame :/ And I thought 6 months to the Dark Knight Rises was bad...

      Well some of us have been waiting about 3.5 years since the first trailer for Diablo 3 came to light, and yet the wait continues. Games can be so much more cruel than movies :(

    Oh hell yeah.

    I haven't read the book, but it's looks kind of comedic compared to LOTR right?

    Like all the bumbling dwarves that what's the book's like?

      Yeah, it's definitely lighter in tone. The film actually seems darker than the book.

      Yeah the novel is a much lighter tone, hopefully they don't over do the comedic element of the Dwarves, the trailer however was surprisingly serious I'm sure it was just the editing and music though.

      I'm not sure which kind of film i want more a true to the novel light hearted one or a slightly darker more LOTR kind of film.

        I suspect it'll end up somewhere in between. It'll have to be lighter than LOTR, but they'll want to keep it close enough that there's at least some consistency in tone across all of the movies.

          LOTR had someg fantastic comic relief though.

    Am I the only one massively excited by the fact Richard Armitage is in this film? I heard his voice and was unsure so I google it and he has a major role!!! So excited, he is an incredible actor! :) :) :)

      I'm slightly ashamed to say, No you are not the only one.

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