Forget Hats, Team Fortress 2 Now Has Official Wedding Rings

Should you ever feel the need to propose to that special someone in the middle of a game of Team Fortress 2, you can now do just that, after developers Valve added an official wedding ring to the game.

It's called the Something Special For Someone Special, and is available as a crafted item. It was added as part of a December 19 update to the game.

If you want to use it to actually propose, great! If not, I'm sure machinima creators will put it to good use.

Ladies, brace yourselves. Secret wedding ring item added to Team Fortress 2 [PC Gamer]


    I play TF2 with my girlfriend on a near daily basis, and while I wouldn't seriously propose in a game like TF2, this would still be a cool gesture o' love if she never saw it coming.

    HL EP3 or STFU!

    I have an idea: instead of creating useless shitty junk like this how about work on bringing AAA+ titles to the Linux platform?

    Maybe I'm just old, jaded and miss the good old 8-bit glory days when games were games and geeks were geeks.

      Yes. I'm sure it took a whole team of developers to make a single ring. I'll bet HL3 will be pushed back another year purely because of this.

    I want THAT! anyone knows how. to craft it.....

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