Fry Won't Take Your Money, But He Will Travel Through Time

Futurama meets classic RPG Chrono Trigger in this great piece by artist Tom Preston.

Chrono-rama [DeviantArt, via GameOvr]


    Another stunning article from the mind of Luke Plunkett...


      Timing of the art piece is odd, as Futurama is on a horrific downhill spiral since it's revival, but the piece of art is awesome.

      IMO most of this anti-Kotaku US stuff is just the internet herd-mentality at work. Personally I don't want every single article to be a 2000 word treatise, sometimes I just want to look at a funny picture or two.

      Kotaku AU provides a lot of great in-depth articles anyway, so why complain about the stuff that you don't like if you're still being provided with plenty of things that you do like? Both sides of this site provide entertaining *free* content, and a lot of you act like you're somehow entitled to have the entire experience tailored to your own desires. Grow up please. Criticism is one thing, but most of the posts addressing this issue are just negativity for the sake of negativity.

      Every article that you don't like is bringing somebody else enjoyment, which should make you happy, not angry.

        The issue is that journalists are supposed to actually report on what they find, not simply point us to the source. The criticism stems from the fact that Luke treats Kotaku as an extension of his Facebook account that he can just post any link to with a one sentence caption that essentialy equates to "relevant to your gamer interests". I agree that not all articles should be 2000 words, but the articles should at least contain all the relevant information to make it a self contained article with a reference, not a caption for a link. There have been many cases where Luke will make a title like "Nintendo is going to be dead in 3 months" and then the article itself won't even elaborate on what the title meant, relying on us to follow the link for the information that should've been within the article. Essentially his articles seem to be a bait and switch, hungering for clicks that keep him on payroll.


          He could have and perhaps should have written a small spiel on the future of Futurama. There are plenty of image spam sites out there if that is all you want. But Kotaku reporters are meant to strive to be a little more constructive and professional in bringing news and awesomeness to the masses.

    I just wanted to say it's a rad picture, but:
    vibe is quite right. What more do you want in this instance? The point of the post is the awesome picture. Nothing more apart from a description and artist name needs to be said for this.

    I don't need an Article for a picture, but come on all he needs to say is awesome artwork.

    Mark Serrals who does write wonderful articles posts a picture of part of a screen shot from an old game and won't even tell us what the game is, we have to guess and I don't see anybody criticising those.

    My point is not to criticise anyone but that some things don't need articles, while I don't like posts that are meant to be news that are a paragraph and a picture/video. Hey here's a cool picture or video for that new game you may all like, can pretty much be clever title and picture/video.

      Yeah! He forgets to put the name of the game on there every single time!

      What's with that?

    Less bitching, more wondering why Hermes isn't Magus.

    Kif should have been Frog. Straight Up.

      My vote is for Hypnotoad. There is a better piece already out there just google for it.

      Then Zoidberg (the doctor) could've played the part of Marle (the healer).

    Seriously - this US bashing stuff is getting a bit OTT.

    This is a great picture with both video game and pop0culture refferences - so why the bitching and moaning?

    When they give us a crap article, or post a trailer with no words, then ok - go nuts - but what more do you want them to say?

      Good points, but there is only one person doing that in this article.

      And, frankly, what they wrote is better than "First!"

        I just realised there are actually two.

        And, for the record, I completely agree with you loops.

      Yeh, I'm starting to think a lot of Aussie Kotaku readers will bash absolutely anything from the Americans just because it's from the Americans.

        Bullshit. Compare Serrells short "look at this picture" articles compared to this and tell me that its just American bashing. This was a half-assed page view grab. I resent my time being wasted and this tool getting paid for it.

    I'm going to complain because this is something I feel strongly about... Kotaku FORCING me to click on a link. I wasted a good 10 seconds, if that, absorbing a funny and easy to digest image relevant to my interests. Thanks A LOT Kotaku.

    We don't post ANYTHING in Australia unless it's 10 pages long and self indulgent. You could learn a thing or two, Kotaku US.

    So does that make Amy Schala? And what Zap Brannigan as Magus?

    Are we are so f**king insecure about ourselves that we have to bash the Americans? Has anyone actually been to the United States? They are the friendliest people you can meet! They stop to help you, are very polite, the citizens actually respect police officers (rather than labelling them as pigs) and the teenagers are much more well behaved than arsehole Australian kids (who are too much into themselves). Ok Americans are a bit loud and over excited sometimes, but they are much nicer than the average Australian prick.
    Also, why is it that every successful Australian eventually moves to America and never returns?

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