Fund StarDrive, For Fans Of Colonising Space

StarDrive is an action-strategy game where you get to build your very own space empire. The corner stone of the game is the ship building and combat engine. Ships can be built almost like Legos, then you can use them to fight in real time space battles. Between building colonies or custom space ships, StarDrive looks like a game that will give you a deep and entertaining experience.

Goal: $US7,500

Notable Reward: $US250, design your very own spaceship for the game.

Chances: Good, the game has a low goal and it looks pretty cool.

Finishes: December 30

StarDrive [Kickstarter]


    Looks pretty cool. Shades of Star Control 2/Elite/Star light.


    reminds me of EV nova for the mac!

    That shit was the bomb back in the day!

      Fuck yeah!

    Hmmm... I used to LOVE these sorts of games back in the day, but I find over the last several years the games I've tried have been quite weak.

    I think over-customisation/complication of the spacecraft is what ruins them for me. It's taken away from the explore / expand and combat side of things.

    I enjoy X3 but its too complicated and not user-friendly. But the open world is one of the best. Sins of a solar empire had much better control but no open world and the game was a bit simple.
    Something in the middle would be nice c:

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