Fus Ro DANCE -- The Best Skyrim Mod Ever!

I had a little whinge about mods before, but I take it all back because I need this mod in my life. How do you feel about a mod that makes all of the NPCs in the world dance? Yeah, I know. And they don't just dance like drunk students, they're like Michael Jackson... in his prime.

Yep, I know there's been way too many Skyrim posts. I promise this will be my last. Until the next awesome one.

Thanks Wyld!


    Feature request: Remove the DAH shout component, and replace it with DANCE, stylised and integrated into the game. When the shout is used to the first two stages, it performs as per usual. If you run it up to the third stage, any characters in the field of effect begin to dance.

    This is awesome! Except they look like they're doing that stupid shuffle dance. I cant stand that rubbish.

    I now have a sudden urge to buy the game just for the mod.

    "like Michael Jackson… in his prime"?
    They're just shuffling, that shit would get you kicked out of any dance comp pretty quick smart.


    how long til we get the skyrim rendition of the thriller video...?

      Actually I could Put that up by tomorrow

    Lol at dancing monks and daedra.

    This is why I want to get this on the PC.

    Oh c'mon they could have added : Every Day Im Shufflin - LMFAO
    Suits this down to the core.

      Except LMFAO don't have a song called "every day I'm shuffling"

        While we're being pedantic, that should read "LMFAO doesn't have a song...", not "LMFAO don't".

    Cheese for EVERYONE!

      Sheogorath is great. A mod that made him a companion and do random things in battle would also be great.

    Surprised nobody has done an "arrow to the knee" joke in the comments yet.

      I was going to, but then I took an arrow to the knee.

      I know hey? It was the perfect setup too. Very disappointing. Here, I'll start people off:

      I used to dance, but...

        ...but the i broke my leg

    Sorry, I know there's music there, but it still feels a little Monty Python-ish

    Is there a download link to this mod?

    What? No wub-step? What is the world com... CHEESE!

    i look at videos like this and wonder why i bought the ps3 version, gah i feel like taking a sharpened object into the patella region

      This is what tipped you over? The framerate didnt bother you that much? :p

    BUT do the DRAGONS DANCE?!!!

    That was pretty cool...but now I won't get to be surprised by the cheese gag. Damn you everything is a spoiler.

    can you stop the dance?

    wait why are there five greybeards?

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