GamePro And GameSetWatch Close Their Doors

GamePro And GameSetWatch Close Their Doors

After 22 years on US magazine shelves, GamePro magazine and its website are closing. The November issue of the magazine will be the last to go to print, with the website soon to redirect to one of IDG’s other websites, PC World.

Launched in 1989, GamePro magazine is folding due to insufficient advertising revenue to support the business, according to an IDG representative. Back in July the magazine went from being a monthly publication to being quarterly. Unfortunately, this did not pan out well for the magazine, with the publication wrapping up with its November issue and the website closing on December 5.

Staff lay-offs are to be expected, although it is unclear how many will be kept on to work on IDG’s other publications.

The closure of GamePro coincides with yesterday’s announcement that Gamasutra’s sister site, GameSetWatch, will be going on indefinite hiatus as of immediately. Head of the GDC, Simon Carless, said: “We’re seeing an increasing overlap with sister site, just in terms of some of the best material out there being indie-related. So Danny [Cowan] is going to go and blog over there, while Eric [Caoili] comes back to help us a bit more on mothership site Gamasutra.

“We also think that mainstream game blogs are doing a much better job nowadays of including the weirder and alt.links in amongst their gaming news. So it’s not like GSW is irrelevant as such. But it’s never really been that relevant to start with — it’s always been an entertaining fripperie.”

Kotaku AU wishes GamePro and GameSetWatch employees all the best.



  • I remember as in kid in the 90s reading Gamepro,Gamers republic,Electronic Gaming Monthly, and next Generation. Good times

  • Oh … real bummer, I used to read Gamepro reviews a lot (maybe I’m the reason they stopped …) still, it will be weird that the actual website is just going to vanish from existence. I hope everyone there can find work as soon as possible.

  • That is real sad…GamePro was one of the first gaming magazines I read as a child and I remembered how I begged my mom every month to buy me one. I still read gaming magazines since I just love the feeling of the magazine in one’s hands. On a side note I have the same issue that this story used in my magazine cupboard at home…

  • A real shame that the digital age claims another print media icon. I didn’t even know gaming magazines were around till I found Gamepro’s Fighting Game special many years ago and then their regular mag. But that being said the content has declined a lot over the last few years.

    RIP Gamepro

  • I had GamePro for four years, and it was byfar my favorite gaming magazine – nothing really came close. The layout of it, the reviews, the content, and of course, the new magazine smell… it sucks to see it go, but I guess it was inevitable. In fact, I’m a bit surprised it even lasted this long. Regardless, it’s sad news. Farewell, GamePro, and good luck to the staff.

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