Games Linked To, But Not Officially Blamed For, Man's Sudden Seizure Death

Back in June in Birmingham, England, a rather large man died suddenly, a death the coroner has said was caused by an epileptic fit. Given the victim's love of video games, they were linked to the death during a hearing, although the deputy coroner investigating the matter stopped short of citing them as a cause.

Francis Haydock, 23, also weighed more than 160kg, had an enlarged heart and zero history of epileptic seizures, according to his family. But the bite marks that a pathologist discovered on Haydock's tongue, and his tightly clenched jaw indicate a seizure.

Coroner's inquests are performed in a courtroom hearing in England. The victim's sister testified that Haydock would play video games daily; but deputy coroner Elaine Ormond-Walsh said only that "It is a possibility," that a game triggered the fatal seizure. "I am not going to make a conclusion and I do not think [the pathologist] made a conclusion in relation to that."

Haydock's death, officially, was of natural causes, then.

Video games could have caused Aston man to have fatal fit [Birmingham Mail]


    That's sad, he was definitely a big fella though - can weight contribute towards something like a seizure?

      Yeah, can happen due to something along the lines of Diabetes.

    Anyone seen the new warning on ps3's start up?

      yea i noticed that after the latest update. was wondering why it was there

    yea umm, there is a shit tonne of warning on seizures as its kinder common now that games can cause seizures. Nothing to get up in arms tho, this is only common place.

    That would explain the new warning when I boot up my PS3 then.

    those warnings have been in place since i was playing the sega master system and nintendo. the very first page even before the index was just one giant epolepzy warning.

    Is this why whenever I start my PS3 a warning about photo sensitivity seizures appear?

    As has been said a few times, games have had numerous health and epilepsy warnings (usually one in the manual, one on startup) ever since the NES/SMS and probably earlier. No one should have any grounds to sue but I 'm sure that someone will find a way to use this to push an anti-games agenda...

    Still, it's always sad to hear of a fellow gamer dying.

      Yup, someone just lost their game buddy

      when i hear stuff like this i just pray to allah that Fox new doesnt get their hands on it or someone like them, it only takes one manipulative news company to convince millions of people that GAMES R BAD or whatever..

    Reading the comment section of linked article, it seems this could simply be another anti-videogame beat-up by a newspaper trying to sell papers. I don't know how much weight you can give people claiming to be friends of the family in a comments section, but probably more than you'd give the British tabloids.

    im so glad im normal and can play battling seizure robots free of any issues.

    Mr fatty, with a medical condition or five died.
    Reason: Video Games.....
    really? Not his poor health and love of chips that did it at all.

      Uttterly sick and disgusting comment!!!

    tell me this i wrote a comment last night about how disgusting and nasty some of these comments are, and how i knew frankie personally and you did not approve my comment but you allow people to dishonour a dead mans memory with nasty comments regarding his weight and life style, VERY FAIR COMMENTARY control!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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