Good Evening. Welcome To Terror.

Good evening, Kotaku. I hope you weren't trying to get any sleep tonight.

This Garry's Mod masterpiece is a little bit Dead Space, a little bit Half-Life 2, and a whole lot of never going to sleep ever again.

It's the work of postal123 and craptasket. Thank them, if you must. Or blame them.

[thanks Moskeeto!]


    oh dear jesus

    Oh dear lord WTF is that thing.

    Well, its gonna take a few long, stiff drinks to get to sleep tonight

      Its part alien/part Pez Dispensers. ¶:Þ

    It was hard, but I fapped

      Don't you mean, "It was hard, SO I fapped?"

    Oh god, its a thing from one of 'The Thing' movies

    i pissed myself laughing at this i love garrys mod stuff

    Something about that reminds me of Vampire: The Masquerade. Now there's an idea.

    Reminds me a lot of some of those glitches from alpha/beta versions of games that Kotaku sometimes posts. I'd love to see a whole video game with enemies based around this.


    This isn't close to something to loose sleep over. R33MIX's videos are damn creepy, e.g.:

    If that was worked into a horror mod I would play it

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