Google Shoot View Game Shot Dead In The Street By...Google

Google Shoot View, an amusing little distraction cooked up by a Dutch advertising agency that let you wander the streets of planet Earth shooting the place up, has been killed by Google.

According to Erwin Kleinjan, from the agency that dreamt up the game, Google "pulled their right to use the Street View application protocol interface — the permission software that allows third parties to incorporate Street View into their own products — due to a violation of the terms of service".

Easy come easy go!

Google Kills 'Google Shoot View' Video Game [Business Insider]


    Good! That was a disaster waiting to happen.

    Googles IP can do with it what they like.

    I'm on google's side here. This is potentially opening up a can of worms. And it's a bit creepy.

    Image it in the mall maps =D EEEEeeehahahahahahahahaaa

    I feel safer already.

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