Gorgeous Indie Platformer Pid Warps Gravity In Cute, Retro Fashion

You've gotta love a game that makes a sly reference to 2010 indie darling Limbo. But, further perusal shows that Pid's not going to be like PlayDead's hit game. It's got color! Energy! localised gravity fountains! The retro-styled release happens on a remote alien planet where you'll need to jump, solve and float your way past the local fauna — or are they automata? — through multiple levels of platformer action. Pid's the result of a partnership between developer Might and Delight and production company Beefy Media. Collectively, the guys who make up Might and Delight have titles like Mirror's Edge, Battlefield, and Killzone on their resumes, but their most relevant experience in this instance is their joint work on the first Bionic Commando: Rearmed release from Capcom. Pid will launch into orbit on Xbox 360, PS and PC next year.

Might and Delight


    yeah..looks great!

    also great choice of typeface!

    May i ask why there is a picture of Saints Row 3?

      One of these things is not like the others...

    meh, looks like another indie platformer/puzzler and personally i am getting tired of them. give me a real platformer not a puzzle game masquerading as one..

    More games need jazzy sound tracks.

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