Guild Wars 2 Only Thought It Was In Control Of The Mesmer Class Reveal

Guild Wars 2 Only Thought It Was In Control Of The Mesmer Class Reveal

Mesmers are not controlled; a Mesmer does the controlling, which is probably why this video for the final Guild Wars 2 class slipped out a few days earlier than planned. Mind control!

Master of illusion and control, the Mesmer class perfectly fits the promises made earlier this year by ArenaNet that the final class revealed for Guild Wars 2 would be a complicated one. It’s certainly not the sort of character class for folks that want to show off impressive acrobatics, flashy spells, or big damage numbers. No, the Mesmer is all about finesse, and achieving true mastery of the class requires a true MMO maestro.

Of course that’s the original Guild Wars Mesmer. What’s changed in Guild Wars 2? I guess some things still have to wait until Wednesday.

Guild Wars 2 – Mesmer Reveal Trailer [YouTube – Thanks Dylan!]


  • Sweeeet, but the site still says beta before the end of the year, wru!?!? I’m starting to be see abs on my stomach, come destroy my life already dammit.

      • Interesting I swear they said there was going to be at least one open beta before release, but I just went and checked the FAQ again and you’re quite right. That said, it now says closed beta, not private beta, I always took closed to mean you could still apply.
        Private : Friends and family
        Closed: Apply, and maybe get picked to participate
        Open: All in
        Things have been blurry the last couple of years, open beta pretty much never actually means open anymore -.-

        • there will be an open beta.

          there is going to be no application process for closed.

          Open beta will be similar to the preview weekends they used to do; basically just a stress test

          come join us all on guru! (guildwars2guru[dot]com)

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