Half-Life 3 T-Shirt Confirmed, But That Is All

It's not a Photoshop and it's not a lie. Seattle-based game developer Chandana "Eka" Ekanayake really did see a Valve Software employee wearing a Half-Life 3 t-shirt at a local developer event last night.

Eka is sure that the man wearing the shirt works for Valve, the great video game company that famously doesn't want to publicly discuss another Half-Life yet/ever/whoknows. But this Valve guy must not be working on the Half-Life 3 floor at Valve HQ, if such a floor exists.

"I got the sense that this developer knew as much about Half-Life 3 as we do, which is absolutely nothing," Eka told Kotaku. "I asked his permission to take a photo because it was the first sign of HL3 I've seen and I'm a huge fan of the series. I sure hope they have it in development."

Eka's company, Uber Entertainment, is making Super Monday Night Combat. Valve? Who knows what they're doing. Maybe they're eschewing Game Informer covers and just announcing new games via T-shirts. Probably not.

I've asked a Valve spokesperson to comment on the shirt and on whether HL 3 is in development. If they respond, I'll be shocked add that to this story.

Eka's Twitter [Thanks, David!]


    If I worked at Valve I would make a Half-Life 3/Half-Life 2: Episode 3 t-shirt just for kicks... I wouldn't expect it to mean anything. :-P

    I am expecting Valve to go down as one of the greatest trollers in video game history. Not by never releasing HL3, they are to good for that.

    No what Valve will do, is release the game to absolutely no fan fare. It will never be officially announced. There will be no trailers. It won't be seen at any industry events. There will be no oppurtunity to pre-order. One day you will simply walk into your local EB/GAME/JB and see it sitting on the shelf. And Gabe will sit back and laugh as the internet EXPLODES.

    Because honestly, what other company could get away with something like that except for Valve?

      That would indeed be a cunning stunt. Please Gabe sir, make it so!

      i actually want them to do that now lol it would be awesome

      Was just about to say exactly what you've just said. Verbatim... I'm kind of creeped out now, actually :/

    >make fake shirt
    >people get excited
    >free publicist

    Please don't get my fanboy juices running so early in the morning.

    When Valve finishes a new engine, then we will see Half-life 3. Thats my guess.

    If I have to put up with another spin-off (Portal, L4D) before HL3. I think I will put my high heels on and have a good stromp.

      Barry... why do you own high heels?

        Sometimes I ask myself the same question....

          Portal and L4D were hardly spinoffs :P It's known that Portal and Half life occur in the same universe, but L4D was never exactly a SPINOFF. I truly believe that Valve, as a developer, should be both congratulated for and enouraged to develop for diversity, it's one of the many reasons I hold them in such high esteem.

    its internal joking I would say, its no secret to be had, Half Life 3 is being made.

    The Lambda and "3" should be the other way around.

      But it's trolololol value would drop significantly if people had to squint to see the 3!

    Evidence? Or red herring?

    Don't really care. I just want Half Life 3 with every fibre of my being... and that t-shirt, too.

    Lies, Valve is terrified of the number 3.

    It'll be out after DNF.

    ..... oh wait.

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