Halfbrick's Jetpack Joyride Is Free Today On iOS

'Don't look a gift horse in the mouth' — that's what my Mum used to always say when I complained that the totally rubbish jumper my Gran bought me for Christmas was itchy/ugly/three sizes too small. Well, today Halfbrick has given us a gift horse — Jetpack Joyride — but it's a bit of a stallion. No need to go near this one's mouth — just ignore this utterly pointless intro and download it before they change their minds!

Jetpack Joyride is one of my favourite iOS games of the year. It doesn't quite top Collision Effect for me — but gift horses... mouths. Jetpack Joyride is compulsive, instantly fun and has a meta-game that kept me coming back like my Gran at the pokies after buying me a rubbish jumper for Christmas.

Go get it!


    Second! Go get it! Even at the full price of a dollar, this was well worth it.

    iOS Game of the Year for me.

    Dam, only got it last week for $0.99, i feel burnt now!

      Wow, a whole dollar. Yeah, that's like half of my allowance right there.

      If only I had had $0.99 worth of fun with that game before it went free.

      For some reason I had more than that, so now I don't know if I've come out ahead or I've been burnt rather well.

      I paid a dollar for it at launch, and have managed to play it for close to a dozen hours.

      It's that good.

    Procrastination comes through for me once again. I've been meaning to grab this for ages.

    Nice, thanks for the heads up!

      Damn, that's an addictive game! Great fun! Cool music too.

    Yep it's worth it. In fact any price would be worth it, but even if it was $5 it would be worth it. So much replay val... so easy to whittle away hours...


    My best is 6818m. You guys jelly?

    Exceptionally great little game. Makes visits to the toilet a hell of a lot more enjoyable.

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