Have A Merry (Skyrim) Christmas!

Here at Kotaku, some of us are more enthusiastic about Skyrim than others. As the resident (read: only) person in the office who doesn't believe she is or ever will be dragon-born, even I found this Christmas meme enjoyable.

We hope you at least smile (or groan!) at it and have a very merry and safe Christmas! We won't be having either of those things at Kotaku. Oh no, we're here to live life on the edge, and we'll be dangling off various edges (Mark hanging off a rock climbing wall, me on the edge of a stool (I am always perched)) this Christmas break.

Have a fun holiday and remember that we'll still be updating Kotaku every day that isn't a public holiday!

Thanks to Kristan Reed for sharing this on That Social Networking Site!


    Does this mean you'll be gifting copies of Skyrim to everyone Mark?

      Yes that it exactly what it means email him 4 copies. (lol (no don't do that))

        Sorry Trace, completely glanced over the fact you wrote this article.... So does that mean we're besties and you'll gift us Skyrim? :)

        Does that mean that we email you instead for a copy? =P

    "Me on the edge of a stool" now I'm picturing you sitting like L from Death Note, barefoot, eating something sweet as you stare unblinking at your computer screen.
    Merry Christmas, Tracey, and congratulations on getting public holidays off. I work in the news industry, too, but I only get two public holidays off a year.

      I read "Me on the edge of a stool" as something completely different (we are potty training an 18 month old atm)

    Deck the halls with dragon bodies,
    Fa la la la la, la FUS ROH DAH!
    Tis the season to Dovahkin,
    Fa la la la la, la FUS ROH DAH!
    Don we now our hardy armour,
    Fa la la, la la la, FUS ROH DAH!
    Stroll the ancient Skyrim region,
    Fa la la la la, la FUS ROH DAH!

    I used to celebrate christmas... until I took a look at my savings and thought I'd be better off pretending my faith didnt allow me to.


    Merry Christmas

      I didn't even realise there was a new Elder Scrolls game until this article. Why hasn't Kotaku mentioned it before?

        What's an Elder Scroll?

          I think it's a card game.

            Oh cool. Kind of like 'Go Fish'?

              Kind of like Pokemon cards.

          New game from Mojang, I hear. I think it's going to be a winner.

            Ugh, Matthew K made me look stupid. Teach me open a page, have lunch, and not reload it before commenting.

    I laughed hard at the photo. Nicely done.

    I was going to celebrate Christmas, but then I took a science to the brain.

    Did you try Skyrim?

    Ha! that's a great pic.

    FYI: Skyrim just got updated, to support 4GB of RAM

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