Hearings On Controversial Internet-Regulating SOPA Delayed To 2012

The fate of the Stop Online Piracy Act which is not yet the law of the land in the United States, won't be decided until next year, as the House Judiciary Committee has postponed further debate until Congress returns from its winter break, according to the Washington Post.

The act, commonly referred to as SOPA, will either help the U.S. government stop the sale of pirated goods online or, its critics fear, ruin the Internet as we know it, by blocking access to primarily non-U.S. websites on the whims of private companies complaining about the actions of individual users of those sites.

The Post also reports that there is now an ani-SOPA rap song, which you can enjoy (?) above. We've been able to find at least one other anti-SOPA rap song on YouTube. This one is... better.

People who like using the Internet should be aware of what SOPA is. We wrote a SOPA primer. Give it a read.

Today in Tech: SOPA delayed, YouTube's year, Jon Bon Jovi death hoax [Washington Post]


    Ah standard political trick no. 2012; when there's opposition to something, delay it and give the opposition the feeling that they won, then when you bring it back with a new name, the resistance has lost momentum or is distracted by some other diversion.

    And Americans poopood CHristopher Hitchins, and now he's dead...

    How to STOP the
    Stop Online Piracy Act
    .. awesome video explaining how the software used to download was distributed by the very people now suing you for downloading content..


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