Hello New Plastic Friends!

Comiket, aka Comic Market, isn't only about comics. It's also about cosplay. And plastic figures.

At this year's (well, last year's) Comiket, which finished on December 31 at Tokyo Big Sight, famed Japanese figure makers are displayed their upcoming statues: some are finalised production models, while others are unpainted prototypes.

In this gallery, with photos courtesy of website Moeyo, Sega showed off its arcade redemption toys, while Good Smile Company put out a range of new figures. More in the links below.

セガブースで展示されていたフィギュア新作フォトレポート , Giftブースで数多く展示されていたGSCやマックスファクトリーの新作速報 [Moeyo.com]


    Love the Samus Aran ones

      The Zero Suit one can sod off (so seriously sick of her ever since Brawl happened, let alone Other M) but the Varia suit one is preeeeeetty.


    do want chibi inami-chan

    I'd so buy the kuroneko and the irisviel figure if i had monies. well better find a job soon cos i wouldnt be surprised if those costed more than $100 each piece.

    Forget Zero Suit, gimme a bigass Varia Suit model to go on my shelf!

    Want that Varia Suit so damn much, even more so if it's actually articulated.

    Yeah evangelion :D

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