'Hello Ocean Marketing, You're An A**hole!'

While the whole Ocean fiasco is big news, I'm already at the stage where I sort of think it's time to ease up on the guy. That said, I thought this parody video by New Challenger was pretty hilarious, and sums up the whole situation quite nicely.

It seems like the whole situation has just struck a nerve with anyone who has ever had a bad customer service experience and felt completely powerless against it. But ultimately, I hate bullies, and this Ocean Marketing is a great example of a bully getting his comeuppance.


    That's great.

    The first guy was a better actor.

    I'm quite happy to watch this one play out all the way.

    My favorite part so far was when he started name dropping the 'majors' then the big K, IGN and others pretty much called him out for being a dick.

    very well done, I couldn't believe it when I read the emails on penny arcade, like who is this person lol.


    I lost any remaining sympathy when I read his latest message to PA:
    "I just wanted to apologize for the way our emails progressed I didn.t know how big your site was and I really didn.t believe you ran Pax , So for what.s its worth I am very sorry."

    So he's saying that if he had realised Mike was a big deal, he wouldn't have treated him that way - but if he had just been the Internet nobody that he thought he was, then that kind of communication was justified?

    Bah. Bully, jerk, and somebody who needs to either learn some genuine lessons from this episode, or simply move on to a different career. Because he's clearly not suited to devising "marketting stratagies" with his current skills.

    They should talk to the kind a**holes at gasp about bad costumer services. I read the story last night and the first thought was their stuffed.

    And so Mr. Christoforo rose to fame as the video game industry's nobody.

    This is pretty funny and well made for how fast they've done it.

    The best part is how most of the dialogue is just ripped straight from his emails.



    All I'm going to say:

    Ocean Strategy
    "Member of the United Federation of Planets"


    Did this Jersey Shore reject just retweet this youtube link to a parody of himself from his new twitter profile? This tool has no clue. And what is with that arm or leg in his profile pic? Looks like some other meatball doing fistpumps, or some roid monkey has his leg up showing off his junk. Best not ponder on that too much methinks. The dude does hang out with Tony Hawk though. Maybe some bad PR could be a good move for his skateboard peripheral thing, as nothing else could ever save it.


    After having read the whole sad story and watched it play out over the last days or so i feel a tremendous swell of sadness for the family of this "Dave" from Ocean Marketing.

    He was a fool, he was antagonistic, he was a aggressive, he was vulgar and he was in every way, shape and form well outside the purvey of a PR Manager.

    To quote the internet "He done goofed"

    His family however, his "wife and child" will have to deal with the fallout of his actions for the rest of his, and their, natural life.

    He will be fired, if the company has any sense at all, and it won't be pretty:
    To regain any credibility in the public eye they will undoubtedly blacklist him for every subsidiary company and associate company they have connections too and publicly crucify for his actions.

    If his name is not attached to a burning effigy by the end of the week i will be quite surprised.

    - Aron

      Paul is the Ocean Marketing guy.
      Dave is the Customer.

    Shouldn't the title read "Your an A-hole" ??

    I think if anybody knows correct grammar, it's Paul Christoforo! He is the yellow Power Ranger after all.

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