Hello? Young Game Developers? Qantas Wants You To Take Their Money...

The Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards has always sought to seek out young Australian talent and reward with cash, opportunities, mentorship — and now it's moving into games. Problem is, no-one seems to have noticed!

Currently Qantas are offering a trip to South by Southwest, an interactive conference held in Austin Texas, a professional mentorship with Soap Creative's Directors Ashley Ringrose and Brad Eldridge and $5000 in cash.

It's a pretty awesome opportunity, but those affiliated with the Awards have got in touch with Kotaku to tell us that, despite having had the awards open since the first week of November, they've only had four entries. What's wrong folks — don't you like free money?

I know we have a lot of young game developers — be they artists, designers, illustrators — reading the site. And having met some of them, I know how talented some of you are. This sounds like a great opportunity worth pursuing. Let's see if a Kotaku reader can go and win this thing!

Head here for more info.



      NO! If Sughly enters then Shiggy, Pez and I won't stand a chance!

    I bet those four initial entrants hate you a lot, Mark. You've ruined all their chances!

    now that is a prize and a half definetly worth my time i suspect hopefully no one is reading kotaku today haha

    I wonder if this has anything to do with my angry email to them when I was young enough to enter this?

    its called Kotaku aus, ign aus, gamestop aus, tsumea?? then you have the mailing lists of all the universities, come on, its not that hard to get the word out to all the games.

    Anyways sounds interesting.

    Wow, I work for the company and I didn't even know this! Certainly kept it quiet.

    thanks for posting guys. This is a great comp so get cracking people!

    Well I just entered, I could do with some money and a trip to the US.


    I think I'm too old. It's a pity

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