Here Are The First Two Screens Of The Last Of Us

As promised by the teaser website that went up this weekend, the new PS3 exclusive The Last of Us dropped some new content today. Specifically, two screenshots whose composition loudly tout the game's photorealistic chops.

That first one's a nice nature shot and presumably an in-game render. The second provides a little more backstory to what's going on. It's the shot of a shattered newspaper box. The headline inside says "The President Addresses a Panicked Nation as Millions More are Feared Dead or Infected." Other headlines say that this pandemic has spread to England and that quarantine efforts failed in Texas and New Mexico.

The Last of Us should get a reveal at this weekend's Spike Video Game Awards. Saturday is the next date given on the website, obviously for more information about the game.


    After seeing the video about Cordyceps, very much interested in this... it's believed to be the new IP from the God of War team also!

      If that's true, then I'll be very, very happy. I was hoping to find out soon what they were working on, and I was also hoping that Sony would give them a break from God of War, both for the team's sake (they'd have to get sick of making the same franchise eventually) and also for the sake of the GOW franchise (I really didn't think there were too many places left to take it after GOW3). And also because I'm just really interested to see what they can do OTHER than God of War.

        Yeah, I think the same thing with Naughty Dog. As much as I love Uncharted, they've proven they're exceptional developers and I want to see what else they can do.

          Well Naughty Dog have a track record of doing 1 IP per generation. E.g. Crash Bandicoot on PS1, Jak and Daxter on PS2 and now Uncharted on PS3. So it wouldn't surprise me to see them move on to something new when the PS4 comes along.

          Santa Monica spent the PS2 era making God of War, and so far that's all they've done on PS3. So yeah, I'm hoping to see something new out of them just to see if they CAN do something different just as well as they do God of War.

        God Of War III was quite sometime ago now, over 2 years, so they are due for a new project for themselves, but they have been very busy in that time with helping other devs with other projects (Starhawk) and a few smaller things also.

        Based on this...

        It will either be them or the Quantic Dream, but QD are French and with the US Blog having a new background based on this game and the EU Blog isn't doing anything, it screams Santa Monica. I can't believe it will be TLG, Tomb Raider, Journey related.

        I wouldn't be disappointed with a GOW4, BUT, a new IP will always win out!!!

    I'm still getting a Quantic Dream vibe, but either way... Consider me interested...

      Now THAT would be awesome. Heavy Rain was great except the shitty story. If they nail an interesting story with some open world features (investigation etc) it could be great.

    Sony doing a first party game set in a an apocalypse?! No way! It's always good to try something new....

    Intriguing. I love games with jungle settings.

      Same here. I was really disappointed when Far cry 2 left the tropical setting.That's why I'm pumped for far cry 3, the contrast of green leafy life and red bloodshed always intrigued me.

        Well, there was some pretty cool African-style jungle in FC2. Just not tropical. But I know what you mean.

      Don't expect the game to be fully in the jungle, if they are all rolled into one, then I think the video about Cordyceps was partly there to simply show an element of what is in the game, perhaps there is a human version of this fungi?

      Which could possibly mean that 99% of the game could be outside a jungle setting, but the reason for the game to exist is because what came from the jungle, I mean the other shot has a newspaper with headlines relating to the US and UK, it seems like it's almost present day, so there are sure to be alot of built up environments.

    Oh great, another zombie game.

      I'd be surprised if this was zombies related. Collapse of society can be scary enough without the mindless hordes...

        "...Millions More are Feared Dead or Infected.”
        I think the fact that they mention that people are 'infected', makes it seem plausible that its zombie related. I wouldn't mind being proven wrong though.

    Epic Games have said that their new IP is a departure from the norm for them so maybe this is it?

    I'm looking forward to this game and by the looks of the teasers, this game has potential and innovation.

    I guess the license to buy "i am legend" was too expensive and they were too late to launch it with the movie. So jsut steal the idea and rebrand.

      Because those two images totally show how the developer has stolen the idea of I am Legend, because I am Legend was totally the first ever piece of media to portray a post-apocalyptic story. Even the 1954 novel wasn't the first. This comment makes no sense.

    Here's hoping it's some kind of infectious disease that doesn't result in zombification... it'd be cool to have some kind of survival game where the 'enemy' is something as simple but terrifying as an out-of-control virus.

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