Here Is The Winner Of The Darkness Statue And All This Other Stuff!

Last week was the week where I thought, 'wow, we haven't had a competition in a while, so I'll just give something away every single day'. Now I'm in the process of announcing the winners!

This competition was for all the above 'stuff': an exclusive Darkness statue, a weird Simba hat, and a copy of the new Need for Speed game. Also, I threw in some of my novelty USBs just for the 'lulz'.

The entry mechanic was simple — devise a new, weird/hilarious/ingenious USB stick and describe it to me.

And the winner is...

Chuloopa I’d make it an apple, that way i can plug it into my PC.


Because i would be hailed a hero.

A diligent negotiator of peace.

For when i slide an apple into a PC, i have created the modern day Romeo and Juliet – forbidden love.

The two opposites that society could just never accept, defying all odds, coming together as one to share data.

Sweet, beautiful data.

Chuloopa wins a lot of comps in these parts, but I just couldn't see past this entry. Rest assured however, that it was a tough decision. We had some crazy entries...

DrCurlytek How about a USB stick with a small segment of an obscure 90′s video game screenshot on it? A portable Remember This? USB. Probably works best if the game depicted is The Dig.

Beavwa A usb key that sits flush with the usb port, and has a pattern printed on it that looks like an empty usb port. StealthKey!

MDolley I created a mock-up of mine.

benanen A USB that looks like a piece of chewed gum. It would be really secure, not because of encryption, but because nobody would be game to touch it!

Braaains I’d like a USB stick that’s embedded in a Robocop glove, so you put the glove on and the USB connector pops out like Robocop’s data-accessing, neck-punching spike-thing which you then plug into the computer.

Ashleigh Flesh light USB?

Whistle while you work, amirite!?

sleek A USB stick that has a finger print scanner on it for security. Scan the wrong finger print 3 times and it automatically erases the data.

ST_Great How about a USB stick that’s inside a scrunched up used tissue. So you unfold it a bit to uncover the port and then plug it in.

Most secure USB stick ever. No one will want to touch it.

lambomann007 Yo dawg, I heard you like USB Sticks…

Trojan Fox Definitely a USB that contains screenshots from every game ever, which automatically cross-references them with each day’s ‘Remember This?’. It’d be in the shape of Serrels and Lien uncontrollably weeping.

PiMan Everyone else has the silly, so I’ll go the practical.

A belt USB hub. It has an extending cord to connect to the computer so that you don’t have to take off your belt to use it, and you can plug in a large number of USB devices to sockets on the belt and leave them there. No need to find the right USB key when they are all always plugged in.

Consider occasional problems that USB hubs have powering many USB devices, a 5V rechargeable battery pack would be a nice addon.

Andrew A USB that gives off the scent of bacon at periodic intervals, reminding you to eat while you’re caught up with gaming.

Thanks to everyone for entering!


    Mark have you sent out emails for winning the AvP comp yet? I've been clicking send/receive like a crazy person

      That sounds far more demanding than it was meant to... >_>

        Compared to some of my past stuff, not demanding at all.

        I reckon it'll be sent out at the end of the week, after all the winners of everything have been announced.

    PiMan, I am doing an unreasonable amount of thinking about your belt idea.
    But what happens if you need potty break?

    No flipping way?!!??!
    That's so awesome!

    Whats even more amusing is the cat on the darklings head looks just like our cat, so i can constantly point at it when the cat is bad and say "see that... that's whats going to happen to you"

    Also - Lambo - you'rs was my favorite - i couldn't stop laughing. Amazing stuff, mate! :D

    Thank you so much! :D

      You deserve all the free stuff you can get, considering all the work you've done in the past few weeks (months?)

      Thanks Loops :D
      BTW, did you see me making fun of your entry in the original article? :P

    Clearly I'm not as funny as I thought I was.

      Me neither.

      So what's the deal with airplane food? *seinfeld theme*

    Heartbroken. That is the best hat in the history of the universe.

      I'll give you the hat if you want :)
      You want hat?

    LoL nah it's cool. I can't take your prize from you. You won it fair and square and clearly I am not funny enough =(

    I'm sure it'd look as good on you as it would on me!

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