Here's A Christmas Classic Because Hey, Why Not

If free-to-air TV can bombard us with Christmas-themed viewing, then we'll wish you a Merry Christmas with video gaming's counterpart, the unforgettable boxing of a NINTENDO SIXTY-FOURRRRRRR! YES! YES!

Merry Christmas, everyone. Hope that your day is as exciting and as joyous as these little gamers were so many years ago.


    Funny thing is, the kids didn't play the 64 until like a week later.

      Maybe someone forgot to buy them a game as well...

      Hey Kieser, this is Milkenobi from neoseeker. Merry Christmas

    How must it feel to be those kids today?
    You can be certain it will be played at every major birthday for the rest of their lives and probably at Christmas, too.

    didnt even have to watch the vid i remember it so well, triumphant fist pumping xD

    I received Perfect Dark for the N64 from my brother, this Christmas. I did exactly this! :D

    lol that kids name is Evan, my name is Evan...

    Ah, back in the golden era of consoles.

    "Nintendo 64 and a remote-control car!...."
    *awkward silence*

    Must have made every other gift that year seem rubbish in comparison...

    I tried to play my n64 this Christmas, av cable is missing :( bow bow

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