Exclusive Preview Of Pocket God Comics #12

Pocket God's the popular mobile game where players get to sadistically manipulate the indestructible inhabitants of a tropical island. In that form, it's one of the App Store's longest-running successes, landing on hundreds of thousands of Apple's iDevices.

But it's also a top-selling digital comic, too, where the personalities of six special pygmy people get highlighted in a cartoony series of hijinks. The Pocket God comic series is 11 issues deep , with more than 500,000 copies sold. All that means that people love their Pocket God.<

We've got a special treat for those people, which is a sneak preview of Ape Comics' Pocket God #12. Pages 5-9 of the Christmas-themed issue are above for your viewing pleasure and you can grab the whole thing for free tomorrow thanks to the fine sponsorship of FreeAppADay.com. Look for the price of the Pocket God comic app to drop to $0 sometime late tonight/early tomorrow on iTunes.

Pocket God Comics [iTunes]


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