Here’s Me Struggling Through A Couple Of WWE ’12 Matches

Here’s Me Struggling Through A Couple Of WWE ’12 Matches
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WWE ’12 is a game that theoretically should have been awesome. Between throwing someone through a table or a totally sweet cage match, this should be a great party/fighting game. Unfortunately, the controls keep amateurs out of the ring and given the way WWE ’12 is designed, you will be explaining what every button does each time you play with someone new.

It is worth mentioning that the game is less confusing then past titles from this generation, with the exception of WWE All Stars. It does have a fair share of good qualities. The presentation in WWE ’12 is really strong and I enjoyed how each match feels like you’re watching it on TV.

Here is the game’s starting roster if you’re curious.


  • Unfortunately, the controls keep amateurs out of the ring

    I’ve bought every WWE game THQ/Yukes have released since Shut Your Mouth and I honestly can tell they feel the need to change some element of the control scheme every new game. Despite this however I’ve got to say the control scheme in WWE ’12 whilst agitating at first has really grown on me now that I understand it, and it really only took me about 2 hours, and it only took that long since its a vast shift away from the predecessor’s control scheme.

    WWE ’12 is quite easily the most enjoyable WWE game in recent memory.

  • The control issue is one of the reasons that there’s also an All-Stars brand. These straight WWE titles are meant to be a little more complex and “simmy” (as much as you can have a sim of a simulated combat sport, anyway).

  • I buy a WWE game about every 3 years, by that time there’s a bit of a refresh and good graphics boost.

    I’ve always been able to play them on Legend difficulty with what I would call a healthy amount of challenge. But I simply can’t grasp the controls in WWE ’12 and it’s not just the control layout, it seems the game isn’t as responsive as the others.

    I’m having great difficulty getting into the game when i’m having my arse handed to me on Normal difficulty, i’ll give it more than a fair go though, I have always enjoyed the WWE games and am sure in time I will enjoy this one too.

    • This is probably going to sound really stupid, and I’m not trying to be insulting here, but try reading the online manual.

      The biggest problem I had inititially with WWE 12 was the radicial control change, and the fact that THQ/Yukes didn’t put in a training/checklist feature like they did in SDvR2011.

      The physical manual doesn’t really help much, but eventually I found out there is a more robust manual available from the THQ website. After giving it a brief once over I was more able to understand the method behind the control layout’s madness and was quickly able to pick it up.

      • Any game worth it’s weight in shiny coins should have an intuitive control system that, even if complex, can be picked up relatively quickly through a process of trial and error. Ruen, gamers should never have to resort to sourcing control help online, these days developers shouldn’t even expect gamers to open up the manual! With tutorials being so fun these days, and in some cases mandatory, there doesn’t seem to be a need for manuals. Just take a second to think about how Uncharted 3 eases you into the game’s controls, even if you are a seasoned Drake vet.

        • True, Gamers shouldn’t have to resort to looking for help. . . but the WWE series as I noted earlier has a tendency to change things up with every instalment, it’s a good thing to have that little bit of help available to you if you feel you need it regardless.

          To be honest the only time I ever needed to look up the manual was when I couldn’t figure out how to pick someone up from the ground once a certain amount of damage had been inflicted, and the button I had used to pick them up (circle button) instead made me pin them.

          I agree that gamers should be able to learn through a quick process of trial and error and that in game (and in depth) tutorials are a great alternative to the need to look things up in a manual, whether it be physical or online. The lack of this in WWE ’12 is the only complaint I have about the game thus far, especially since such a feature was available and prevalent in the game’s predecessor (the game basically loaded into the tutorial area)

  • oh I have a few issues with this game for starters the Controlls are so hard to deal with i prefur the SVR 2010 Controlls(for the record im a special needs adult and i do know how to play this games)
    my 2nd problem is maybe 2 out of 10 times u can counter an attack or reverse it even if your presssing it all the time

    then there is were do they get of by allowing the computer after 30 min of beating still able to do any move they want like there 100 percent

    oh and my biggest issiue is Road to wresltmaina what kind of mornon designed it honestly you do hero mode and so fair im just finished with wrestlimaina were the HERO Lost even though i was kicking rey mysteros butt come on thatas nuts

    they made this game way to hard yes a little challange is fine but you almost have to be a pro it seems like to even stand a chance i think THQ Failed big time with this game i do story mode and universe mode but it kind of dull most of the time and i do come up with great storys.

    I know some people complaned about the DLC they have but to be honest that didnt bug me as much as how hard the game it

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