Here's...One New BioShock Infinite Screenshot

It's a tease for the game's new trailer, to be shown at the VGAs next week.

Way to be stingy, guys! In lieu of actual facts, then, we're going to substitute them for non-facts.

Folks, this is Eusebius Fink, owner of the Sky City Knickerbockers. He's made entirely of bronze, stands eleven feet tall, and is terrified of pigeons.

He's also a keen hunter, and a part-time hustler, so has a lot of MotherFuckin' Guns. Which is why his house is so big, and has that written right on the top of it.


    One is all I need....

    I can't wait for this game but...I don't know

      OH REALLY! You dont know?
      This one screenshot carefully summarizes how Infinitely AMAZING Bioshock Infinite IS!
      HYPE HYPE /s
      Seriously tho, looks like a good game.

    This one screenshot shows me why gaming is gonna be much better in 2012, colour!!

    Hanging for this game so bad!! Bioshock 1 and 2 are in my top 10 best games and this is gearing up to grab a similar spot.

    Nice. Go Big Kev.

    that's it I'm hooked!

    Yep enemies are made of gold, totally saw that coming :P

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