HeroClix Online Gets Double Dose Of DC Comics And Digital Content Codes

HeroClix Online Gets Double Dose Of DC Comics And Digital Content Codes

HeroClix Online isn’t just for Marvel fans anymore, at least it won’t be come December 7 when WizKids introduces the first two DC Comics-themed sets to the online game and releases the first physical product with codes for in-game heroes included.

Fulfilling the promise of the popular tabletop game’s move to digital form, HeroClix Online gets its first set of physical to digital heroes on December 7 in the form of the Superman Fast Forces set. Specially marked packages of the real-world edition of the Man of Steel’s set will include codes allowing players to add virtual versions of Superman, Supergirl, Steel, Lex Luthor, Kryptonian, Renegade and Bizarro to their online arsenal. Or they can just keep things virtual, purchasing only the digital versions of the set. A new virtual map called The Farm will follow soon after.

Also launching on December 7 is the digital version of the popular Blackest Night HeroClix set, featuring Green Lantern, Mera, Lex Luthor, Scarecrow, The Flash, The Atom and Wonder Woman in their Lantern recruit forms from DC’s big event. New players will be able to purchase the rainbow of fruit emotions as a starter set for HeroClix Online, with OA’s Sciencells included as a new virtual play map.

“We’re thrilled to announce the addition of DC Comics to HeroClix Online players,” said Vice President of Marketing at NECA, Justin Ziran. “We’re also happy to introduce codes for virtual HeroClix Online figures within physical HeroClix products. The codes provide a new, easy way to collect both physical and digital figures while connecting players of both versions of the game together.”

Hit up the HeroClix Online website for more information on the game and its tiny collectible virtual heroes.

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