He's Level 9 In Skyrim. He Hasn't Killed Anything.

YouTube user WestSideLuigi is playing Skyrim as a pacifist. He's at level eight and has zero kills. "This is what I do with wolves: calm them, turn them into peaceful little puppies."

He's playing as Felix the Cat (or Felix the Peaceful Monk, it's not clear). He refuses to go on any quests that require him to kill anything or anyone. He won't kill anything because, he says, Felix wouldn't.

"Felix the Cat doesn't even kill the undead," WesSideLuigi says. "He's just a great guy."

Watch the video to see how he pulls all this off.

Here are his stats.

Felix the Peaceful Monk - Skyrim Commentary [YouTube — Thanks Dan!]


    Level 8 or 9? These fuckwits can't even count to ten, Jesus wept.

      The dude says both in the video.

        It's not working for me on the mobile site. Still, we all know that speaking and writing is often a stumbling block for these guys, why should counting be any different.

      i'm unsure what your issue is.

      At the start of the video he's level 8 at the end he's level 9

        I find the quality of kotaku US articles to be poor at best. An article titled "He's level 9" should not have a second sentence that starts "He's level 8". It's just lazy journalism as usual. They're ho-ho-hopeless.

          Wow, you are like Marvin the Paranoid Android's real-life doppelganger (I mean that in a good way)

    In most cases I'm impressed by this sort of thing, but in Skyrim... not so much. Level 9 could easily be reached just doing the crafts. And like you said, there's an ability to send monsters scurrying off. Everyone knows this. Let see how effective that is on the scaled enemies at level 30.

    I'd like to see what he does against an elder dragon

    Im quite the opposite, I brutally crush and maim most things which get in my path.

      Hence why I have no companions or horses left so to speak..

        I used to have a horse, then it took an arrow to the knee.....and the head.....

    Been waiting to see a video about this. Pacifism gets used a fair bit in elder scrolls games. For those that think he won't get far, have a look at some of the past examples.

    Oh, and before anyone says "He has to kill something for the story quests..."


      He wouldn't be much of a pacifist if he brought friends along to kill things.


        That looks like no fun at all. Bad enough I have to conform to society's "rules" and not run around naked casting Fury at everyone in Whiterun...

        He would be a pacifist. The companion wouldn't.

        IIRC, this tactic was used in Fallout, too.

          From wikipedia: Pacifism is the opposition to war and violence. If you took your friend around to some guys dungeon to beat them up, you couldn't really be said to be in opposition to violence. Arguably a coward, but not a pacifist.

        You could also summon something to fight for you, then your not really killing it, the summon is, i often do this, just summon and lure with heal.

      Companions in Skyrim are pretty weak though, unless they've gone god mode for a certain quest. He'd end up burning through a lot of them.

    I did this is a character as well. Got to about Lvl 12. I don't see what the big deal is. I'm sure a lot of people have done this, because the skill/ level system makes it possible.

    I did this is a character as well. Got to about Lvl 12. I don't see what the big deal is. I'm sure a lot of people have done this, because the skill/ level system makes it possible. Christ, you can level up your sword skills by just seining it in the air a few times.

    What's the fun of this? I want to kill things dammit. Guards, shop keepers, shop keeper's assistants, cows, pigs, chickens... anything that moves dies...

      Awesome :D

        "anything that moves dies" I think I just found my next t-shirt

      My friend found that appeal in Fallout 3. From North to South he methodically killed ever living thing on the map. Except the children, which I always thought was an oversight. Those kids are gonna grow up angry.

        Chilcren die too, that'll teach em to talk to strangers wearing dragon armour and armed to the teeth

    I want to kill Tamriel, where's my earthquake Thu'um damnit!

    its possible to finish the game without killing anything yourself. Just use your conjurs to do your dirty work. no problem.

    Not that hard to do IRL either.

      Agreed, Heads of government do this everyday..

    But, there is one they fear. In their tongue, he is Dovahkiin.... DRAGO- Pacifist?!

    Has he just used the cheat to get the companion that can teach you Archery, then get the gold back off him?

    I have a mate who's level 28-30ish, can't remember.. He's killed a bit of stuff but he hasn't yet left Whiterun; his pick-pocketing is at 100 and he's stolen everything in the whole town and sold it back to the vendors.. even everyones clothes. lol.

      My kinda guy, cept I would have just killed them for it

    That's pretty cool, don't think it's that easy to not kill anything, good job.

    i've killed about 50 people and level 2, hahaha

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