Hideo Kojima’s First Idea For Metal Gear Solid 5 Was ‘Boss’. Literally.

Hideo Kojima’s First Idea For Metal Gear Solid 5 Was ‘Boss’. Literally.

I don’t know about you, but Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably one of my favourite games of the last decade, and definitely my favourite of the series. So when Hideo Kojima claims that one of his first ideas for Metal Gear Solid 5 involved the antagonist from MGS3 ‘The Boss’ and the Normandy invasion, I was sort of hoping the rest of the team just stopped coming up with new ideas and said: ‘great idea Hide, let’s just go and make that one now’.

“Metal Gear Solid 4 wrapped up in 2008, and the dev team took post-project time off right after that. But, of course, we were in a situation where we had to start planning for MGS5. So I started coming up with several ideas,” said Kojima, in an interview released by Konami.

“I had several ideas for a game featuring The Boss and the Cobra Unit during the invasion of Normandy. I then handed these plans over to the team so they could take over and make the game. I presented my ideas to the team during the summer of 2008. However, simply dropping MGS5 on the younger staff members was a bit heavy and there was resistance to doing it without my involvement.”

Apparently the team decided to start work on what became Metal Gear Rising first, mainly because Kojima didn’t want to be too involved in the next Metal Gear game, and the team decided working on the next ‘proper’ Metal Gear Solid game without Kojima’s involvement.

“At the time, I was working on a new project. It was during the planning phase of that project and I wanted the staff to take charge of the new title,” claimed Kojima.

“There was resistance to that idea, though. It was then that someone proposed the idea for what would become Rising. It was a game based on Raiden’s story, since MGS5 had too much weight to it. It would be a side story that the team felt more comfortable working with.”

Yep. So the team was afraid of making a game about The Boss, without having the boss to boss them around.

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  • “I don’t know about you, but Metal Gear Solid 3 is probably one of my favourite games of the last decade…”

    The ‘3’ conspiracy continues

  • 3 was the high water mark of the series. The characters where cleaner and better realised, the setting just screamed class and the story was paced really well.

    I’d really enjoy seeing The Pain invade normandy or even The Fury (Would he still be all ‘I WENT TO SPACE, NOW I AM ANGRY” seeing as the space program was still like, a decade away?)

    Hopefully they get to it sooner or later.

    Your thoughts on MGS Rising: Revengance, Marky Mark?

  • I found 2 to be more playable. 3 was far more enjoyable and evocative as a story, though 2 and 3 are lightyears ahead of pretty much all other games.

  • 3 is my favorite game ever and whilst you can debate that with all the games of the past 30+ years theres no way you can say no to that from the last decade. I just refuse to accept anyone else side on that matter. =]

    You can pick apart that game from it’s clunky controls, it’s slow start and menu based heavy gameplay but you can’t deny any of the latter.

    It has near perfect pacing, the best collection of boss fights along with SotC, unique survivalist gameplay. It has state of the art audio and visuals and a story with some of the most awesome characters in gaming that from that day I finished, it has set the benchmark for narrative perfection in games and even in some of the best oscar winning films.

    If you your reading this, and you haven’t played Snake Eater, your world is missing a piece of something that must be fufilled. Your life becomes more worth it once you experience a game that doesn’t have many equals like MGS3. It is essential.

  • GAH! You mean we could have just watched a trailer for the MGS game I’ve been having wet dreams about ever since Snake Eater but instead we are getting Metal Ninja Gear Rising Gaidenetta? Damn it to hell.

    At least I have the satisfaction of knowing Kojima was thinking the same thing that I was wanting for years… 😛

    • Ok, I just watched the entire video and I paid attention to the gameplay videos that were shown… and I have a huge question…

      Raiden’s new sword… is it magic? He’s cutting through lots of things, I’ll grant that a pass… it’s a game… but there were several segments in there where they go into the ‘Slow Down Time for a FINISHING MOVE! mode’ and at least two of them showed Raiden carving objects/enemies into little pieces from many yards away simply by swinging his sword in front of them.

      If you wanna see what I mean, the part where Raiden is carving up one of the Gekkos is a great example. The Gekko is at least 10 yards away from him, but the circle HUD element comes up and time slows down and whoever is playing just analog slices randomly across the image of the Gekko that is 10+ yards away from Raiden and his magisword… Yet every slice connects as though Raiden is really using some kind of laser beam or something.

      I guess that’s what they mean when they say that PlatinumGames is calling the shots on this one 😛

  • I would love another metal gear (proper) game, but I’m not sure how it would go during the ww2 normandy invasion, could be cool but not totally sold on the idea.

    Maybe something more about boss’ origins? Where she is the rookie going into her first mission, mirroring the first metal gear game somewhat (you know how he loves to do that).

    • That is a high frequency blade. In mgs1, Gray Fox had one, in 2, Olga had one and Raiden got that at the end of the game. Olga’s blade is the same as the one Raiden carries in 4 and in this one. HF blades can cut through almost anything.

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