Ho Ho Ho! Check Out Indie Royale's Xmas Bundle

Ho ho ho! Merry christmas everyone. Feel like spreading some early holiday cheer on yourself? I don't really know what that means, but I need an intro so I can inform you of this charming little Indie Royale Xmas Bundle, which features The Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered, Dino D-Day, Eets and The Oil Blue. You can't currently get all four of these games for $3.85, but that figure is constantly rising, so you have to get in there early.

Indie Royale works like this: as more people buy the bundle, the minimum price for purchase increases. If you get in early you can get the bundle for very little, but the longer you delay, the more you pay! Also — if people pay more than the minimum price for the games, the price goes down for everyone else! An interesting little psychological experiment, but also a great way to check out new, relatively unknown Indie games.

Blackwell Trilogy: Remastered - Indie Royale The Blackwell Trilogy is an acclaimed point and click adventure game.

Eets trailer - Indie Royale Eets is a lemmings style puzzler.

Dino D-Day Launch Trailer - Indie Royale Dino D-day is a weird shooter of sorts... with Dinosaurs.

The Oil Blue Launch Trailer - Indie Royale The Oil Blue is a satirical, political number.


    Dino D-Day is a real treat. You'll be done with it in an hour, but the thrill of battling Aliied Forces with a raptor can't be over-estimated.

      I will say Dino D-Day was probably up there as one of the worse games I have ever played. Not a game for me.

        It was a bit jumpy and janky, but far from the worst game I've ever played.

        I almost bought the bundle, but the user reviews on metacritic were amongst the worst I've ever read. People didn't even seem to be trolling.

    You know when the Salvation army comes to your door, and the person is really nice and you feel really good about giving them money, but then they start turning up every week and you wonder if perhaps they're getting more out of it than just the knowledge they're doing a community service, and the special feeling you get from being able to help out on the rare occasions someone requests your financial aid are replaced by what is beginning to feel like just another monthly bill you're required to pay because you can hardly call out an organization giving to charity on asking for help for the disadvantaged....
    Well yeah that's how I'm starting to feel about these bi weekly indie bundles. Sorry.

    Another bundle? They need to slow down on these.

      Click the link and scroll down, 3 more bundles in the next 8 weeks after this one. If you look at what these indie bundles (same guys or not) have made in the past, even the small cut the people that run them get is a massive amount, so naturally people now have to turn it into a business and milk it dryyyy. Capitalism ho! -.-

    This isn't the Humble Indie guys. This is a different group if I'm not mistaken and the money doesn't go to any charities.

    Yeah this one gets a thumbs down for me... though keep an eye out, the Little Big Bunch bundle launches tomorrow from memory.


    The site is down at the moment but will go live with the launch of the bundle.
    Games are quite decent too!

    Explodemon, Serious Sam: Double D, New Star Soccer 5 & Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee

    I won't be getting this bundle but I will check out the next one. None of these games appeal to me at all.

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