Homefront PR Stunt Backfires, Ends In Fine

Back in March, PR firm TrashTalkFCM thought it'd be a good idea to promote upcoming shooter Homefront by releasing a ton of balloons. It wasn't.

Not only did the game stink, but when most of the balloons ended up in San Francisco Bay, it attracted the attention of Bay Area water control officials, who have decided to fine the company $US7,000 for the stunt.

While publisher THQ initially defended the move, saying they were "soy-based, biodegradable balloons", San Fran officials said their landing on the water presented "a hazard to birds and aquatic life".

They did not comment on the hazards Homefront posed to people who paid money for it.

Red Balloon Marketing Ploy Gone Awry Ends In $US7000 Fine [SF Appeal, via VG247]


    Poor THQ. On the other hand, they region price, so take that THQ!

    "They did not comment on the hazards Homefront posed to people who paid money for it."

    That's a real cheap shot to the developers who ended up out of a job because the game didn't preform.

      So um the answer would be for them to have made a better game?

      The developers deserve to be fired releasing a game where the singleplayer lasts less than two hours and then prices it at full retail and if you remember all the trailers were boosting its hype over its singleplayer.

        There is no way in hell ANYONE finished that in two hours. It wasn't overly long, but two hours is just balls.

        you're full of it, there was no way you could finish that in 2 hours.

        Steve means that it lasted two hours before he got bored, he didnt actually finish the game

          i actually didnt mind the single player even enjoyed it at points but yeah finished it in under 3 and a half hours i dont beleieve he could have finished it inside of 2 hours though 3 is plausible but not 2

    Best to have abit more faith in THQ or the South Park RPG might not live up to expectations, and from what I hear Saints Row 3 is doing decent in sales.

      You're kidding right? First off THQ is publishing the South Park RPG, all the production is done by Obsidian. I also don't see why Saints Row doing well would mean anything either as they published that also. The team who made Homefront were an actual THQ team.

    @Stephen, THQ are in Financial trouble at the moment, while Saints Row 3 and WWE is doing well its uDraw Tablet for PS3/360 bombed damaging the company.

    A ton of helium balloons? But they weigh negative!

    am I the only person on the planet who enjoyed homefront and dnf? they had their flaws, but people say the darn'est things, especially you kotaku.

    Iv'e seen some shitty half assed articles, did any of you get fired?

      Did you pay $80+ to read each article? Or did you invest millions of dollars into the outcome of those articles? Or the entire site for that matter? A critic's job is to critique, not worry about hurting people's feelings.

        Yeah but there's criticism - you know, with actual points and stuff - and then there's snide cheap shots that don't actually say anything. Guess which one this is?

          oh oh oh i know this.....

          Luke stinks right??

          Do i win the internet?

        No, I just pay in minutes, which I could probably spend being productive, rather than posting drivel, There's a difference between offering genuine criticism and trash talking.

    The game didn't stink.. it was just too damn short.. it certainly wasn't 2 hours short.. but I got to the end and thought "that's it????".. it was a great ride and decent story (though not wonderful).. it was a game I returned and got a refund for though.

      I really enjoyed Homefront.

      It won my Alpha Protocol of the year award.
      The multiplayer was downright excellent... and I look forward to Homefront 2.

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