Hope You Like Zelda Motion Controls!

Because, from the sound of it, Nintendo totally loves them. While developing The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Nintendo's Eiji Aonuma thought about ditching the Wii Motion Plus controls. Now, he wouldn't have it any other way.

"I honestly think we cannot go back to button controls now, so I think that these controls will be used in future Zelda titles, too," Aonuma told The Official Nintendo Magazine.

This should delight players who enjoyed the motion controls in Skyward Sword. With the Wii U, it should be interesting to see how Nintendo will implement motion.

The one-to-one motion controls did add to things like Skyward Sword's archery experience, but some didn't find the sword swinging as compelling with motion controls — or better than old fashioned button pressing.

Nintendo usually does an excellent job of marrying its hardware with its software, so chances are, it will be well done.

That being said, no more button pressing? *insert sad face*

Be sure to read Kotaku review of Skyward Sword.

Future Zelda games will use Skyward Sword-style controls [ONM]


    Twilight Princess style 'motion-controls' were pretty lame and obviously just waggles tacked onto what had been button presses in the Gamecube version.

    Skyward Sword motion controls are an entirely different story. They're pretty central to a lot of the design of the game.

    I'm a fan of the latter. No worries from me.

    Played around 20 hours of the new game, and can confirm to those who haven't that the motion controls here are fantastic. They aren't perfect, but having gone back to playing some Ocarina 3D since, the motion controls add something really special to the experience. Zelda feels new again because of the control scheme. Hope they continue to perfect an already fantastic gaming revolution.

    Personally I found Skyward Swords motion control frustrating. Motion Plus just isn't accurate enough for what they are trying to achieve. It works some of the time but for long battles like boss fights it can get out of sync pretty quickly. Don't get be started on the flying either.

    Can't say I'd be running out to play another game with those controls.

    it was good at the start but sometimes you just wanna sit back with a controller in your hand and attack shit.

    I've found the MotionPlus to be really finicky and frustrating. Plus, I'm not longer finding playing the game relaxing - it can make you work quite hard for some stuff - which is mainly why I play video games. I've tried adjusting teh distance between myself and the sensor, recalibrating, and increasing/decreasing the sensitivity, and nothing works - the cursor still frequently jumps about in a way that is very annoying. It was a great experiment, but I don't think these new controls are the key to keeping Zelda alive.

      "adjusting teh distance between myself and the sensor"

      Lol that won't do anything. It doesn't use the sensor bar :P The pointer motion is purely based on relative movement using the MotionPlus. You could centre it on the wall behind you and still point all around the place just fine.

    The controls are actually so intuitive that you actually learn them like you were really learning to use the sword. For example

    The first boss, and one of the last bosses are practically identical, except the latter deals more damage and is slightly faster. However, the latter is actually easy to beat, as you've spent the entire game 'training' for him.

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