Hope You're Ready For A New Tony Hawk Game

Activision's Tony Hawk franchise took its first ever year off in 2011 because it had been run into the ground. Too many games in too many years with not enough new ideas. With the Spike Video Game Awards coming up, it appears that one year off is all Activision felt it could afford.

"I'll be announcing the upcoming release of something new on Sat; the same day as the Spike Video Game Awards" Hawk himself wrote on Twitter yesterday. "Coincidence? I think not."

Subtle! Hopefully the time off has let Activision's developers come up with something fresh for the franchise. A game where skating is the most important thing, and not just an excuse for seventeen layers stupid shit and tacky cameos, would be a good start! Failing that...a new game with Tony Hawk's 2's soundtrack would be acceptable.

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    Surprisingly, Tony Hawk has only just been released at Big W. It has it's own Big stand and everything, even though it's just Tony Hawk Shred lol

      OMG! Which big W? I've been looking for a new Tony Hawk game for ages and I can't find one anywhere

    Not at all. But Skate 4 would be nice!

    I just wish they would release something more like THPS2 -THUG era hawk, had some good times with those games.

    Call of Tony Hawk?

    umm I liked the old tony hawk games, but really Skateboarding? who kinder does that anymore, the "Sport" is kinder dying or its just me not caring at all.

    Anyways, recreate the old tony hawk really, underground one was pretty awesome but I rather have the pure awesomeness of the originals back.

    I need a new Tony Hawk game like I need prostate cancer.

      Woah! You need prostate cancer?! Well on the bright side, you'd probably see a number of releases ranging anywhere from two to twelve, so plenty to do in the hospital.

    A Tony Hawk reboot? Hell yeah I say! Ive been pondering it myself lately!

    I would LOVE a remake of the first 3 or even 4 with current gen engines & graphics. I played the shit out of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 back on the PlayStation 1! I fucking loved that game.

    I'll defs be seeing Tony Hawk at the Big Day Out next year, even if I don't skate i've always liked the dude for some reason.

    I'm surprised Tony Hawks name still holds so much weight despite he hasn't been competive in like more than a decade, I guess spinning around pays off.

    Tiny Hawk 2... Owned my childhood! That games Soundtrack is by far the best I've hears :)

    I still think the first one was the best. If they redid that in HD

    yeah Tony Hawk 2 was so rad.

    You watch , it will be called Hawklander. You will get a little half pipe portal and it comes with Hawk and 2 other Skaters and you can buy other skaters in packs.

    Id love to see THUG's style return. its good it combined running and skating. and didnt go so over the top. it also provided a decent story for a game about skateboards. The maps also helped sell it. Jersey, Tampa and Vancouver were excellent. wish I still had my ps2 to play it again. please activision go back to the good ol days. yknow the days when good games were made.

    Anymore of the THUG series or Pro Skater Series would be f-ing awesome!

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