How Do You Know When It's Time To Stop Playing Skyrim?

We all know that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a vast open-world game with the potential to keep players exploring new content until they grow old and grey. What commenter klip_twings wants to know in today's Speak Up on Kotaku is when do you stop?

How do you know when it's time to end Skyrim?

A couple days ago, I was reading a commenter here lamenting about the end of Skyward Sword — how they knew the end was inevitable, but they just couldn't help welling up with tears as the credits rolled...

But that's just not going to happen with Skyrim.

What's more likely (for me) is that I will play the game until I'm downright SICK of it, and keep playing it until I finally delete it from my HD with a flip of my middle finger. But that's a poor note to end the game on.

I'm still enjoying it. Loving it? Nah, I feel like I've seen most of what it has to offer. But I'm still curious, and not ready to put it to rest.

When do you know it's time to put this game to rest?

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    IF the title contains the words "The Elder Scrolls" THEN you will never be finished with it.

    That was easy. :-P

    (The real answer is the same as it is for every other game ever made... 'You are done when you decide you are done.')

    Proberly about the time that those "arrow in the knee" jokes ar'nt funny anymore.So about 5 minutes ago.

    You're at a buffet.
    How do you know when it's time to stop eating?

    5 minutes before the wife packs up and leaves

      Surely 1 minute before the wife leaves is enough... and in some cases 1 minute AFTER they leave is also a good option.

        There's a fine line you have to tread. You can wait till after she leaves (best time to go eat all that stuff she hates you eating) but you have to judge whether you can catch up with her before she gets home and changes the locks.
        Remember a good buffet has the power to hit your stamina -5 points for regular buffets and -15 points if theres a bottomless desert table. ;)

    When you go to play it on the ps3 then remember how long the loading screens are then turning the ps3 back off

    When Diablo 3 comes out!

    ...when your wife asks for a divorce

    When do you know it’s time to put this game to rest?

    When the other publishers finally patch their pathetically bug-ridden releases, and you actually have something else to play.

    When you beat the main quest and realise you couldn't have cared less about whether the world was destroyed or not because you don't care about any of the people in it because Bethesda just don't understand/aren't capable of good storytelling, and you actually played this game primarily for the pretty locales. But it's okay because you just noticed Alloy of Law came out and it's amazing author happy reading time! ^_^

    *flame shields up*

    I've found myself playing Skyrim less and less lately. Ever since Skyward Sword, Skyrim just never seems to hold my attention for long intervals any more. Instead, I've found myself playing games like Vanquish and FFXIII.

    I am not kidding about the last six letters :I

    I finally deleted it last week after 3 characters with most major quest chains completed between them.. I still had a couple i wanted to do (was part way through the assassin's guild) but felt they were just too similar to the ~60 hours of gameplay i'd already gone through. I could happily spend another playthrough in it, but it'd largely be a waste of time... instead i'm now removing KOTOR from my pile of shame :D

    I'll stop playing when something good is out that I want. Then I'll be back to it. Skyrim is my new fallback game for the lean times games wise.

    i really love this but if ur a geek enough to play it for days at a time then just stop playing it

    Honestly when I first started playing skyrim, there was so much fun and wonder, and huge over whelming world, and the funny giants videos on YouTube, I played skyrim til I had full daedric armor, but eventually sold the game cuz there was no end, thinking about buying Diablo 3 for Xbox or re-buying oblivion

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